f i v e | Not Surprised

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f i v e | Not Surprised

I was back in my safe place—also known as my fluffy new bed.

And I was overthinking.

Which was maybe just as dangerous as what almost happened at the stairs ten minutes ago, I suppose. Oh, well.

God knew I didn't want to fall over that flight of stairs—or any flight of stairs, really—but that one? That one was going to be to the grave. I would've died before I'd even come into rule here. Hell, that death would've been the most tragic one ever, even more tragic than brothers murdering each other for the throne like they always did in history books.

And Alexander thought I'd done it on purpose.

I was dealing with a serious piece of work.

I hugged the pillow tighter and closed my eyes, putting him out of mind. I had more important things to think about—like asking about the Wi-Fi situation here. I wasn't going to waste any more time thinking about him.

 I wasn't going to waste any more time thinking about him

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"Also, keep your back straight. You can always switch your feet when you cross your ankles, but don't relax too much into your posture and remember to keep your back straight."

Oh boy.

A few days had passed by without me seeing Alexander—he'd probably orchestrated it that way—or running into any other sort of trouble. It was just me settling into this new routine which included a breakfast fit for kings—ha—after which I'd spend a while with Bernice, kill some time in the library, watch a couple of Friends reruns and have dinner with Uncle Albert.

It was nice, yes. I didn't want to sound ungrateful, I knew I was in the royal palace of Bellewynn. But there was something about the way my days were going that felt incredibly unfulfilling.

Thank God the Wi-Fi here was killer, or I'd have died of boredom. At least I had the company of the thousand memes my best friend Leah sent me daily. After I'd filled her in on everything, she also sent me a googled picture of a crown in a puddle of blood and titled it What I'm going to do to that prince dude of yours that had me just somewhat concerned for her.

But man, I missed her so much. Hell, I was only a few bad decisions away from asking Bernice to be my friend and I could already tell that wouldn't go over too well.

Which brought me to now: royalty lessons with Bernice.

They were interesting, to say the least. We'd been working on how one was to present themselves in certain situations, and for the past few days it had been all about sitting. I hadn't thought there were so many elements to sitting but the way Bernice broke it down, you'd think she was explaining quantum physics to an infant. There was always a lot to remember, but everything we covered each day was always just enough and never too much. At least she definitely knew what she was doing.

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