Chapter 10: Delegations

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Renesmees POV:

My eyes started to tear up for no apparent reason, but I knew deep down that my wedding wasn't going to be the beautiful dream I had. "Renesmee, don't cry please. Didn't you see your wedding? I tried to show you the perfect wedding, one I knew you would want to have..But, somebody had changed their mind, if you proceed with your wedding, everyone will die. You, your mom and dad, your family..and me..So, we must change our plan too. The Volturi have been watching you since you have come of age, meaning since you are now a full adult, and have stopped aging. Aro, the sick bastard that he is, wants to breed you. He hopes to create a new world a vampires, and destory the rest. Do you know of the woman, Samantha on the Guard? She has the ability to sense powers in both human and vampires. Aro has rounded up several suitors for  you, and your friend.. Nathanual? Nathanel? Whatever his name is, for his sisters to have sex with, and become impregnanted by. These suitors obtain the best abilities  known by the Volturi. We can't let that happen.

Here is the new plan. First, Esme and Alice will be having some fun for a few weeks. They need to rennovate a small castle that is in the woods about 30 miles outside of Forks to create a larger and grander castle. I have sent a nombad to you to help them with the structure. He studied along with Leanardo Divinci for nearly quite some time, and knows the ins and outs of creating a castle fit for a queen.

We have four months to get everything done. Nomads are currently gathering in the castle, and will help with whatever is needed.

Jasper will need to teach everyone to fight. Including you Renesmee. This is not a newborn army, these are trained fighters. They have trained for hundreds of years, so be prepared.

Alice will need to design and made the Cullen wardrobes. The wardrobe must include the family crest, and please ask her to make any other color but black. The volturi have worn black for far too many years, our world needs someting new.

Esme will be the main person to rennovate the castle.

Emmett and Rosalie will go and gather the covens that are friends of your family, be sure to check the castle prior to searching for them.

Carlisle will need to travel to gather as much donor blood as possible.

And your parents will be helping to accomodate everyone.

You will be spending time with Jacob. You'll be honeymooning at the house, I know. Kind of boring. No one will be there though, everyone needs to move to the castle by tonight, you will go with them to check it out, and Jacob must carry you back to mask your scent.

So, on to training. There's a few powers that you have yet to discover. For instance, you can copycat. The reason you'll be traveling to the castle with your parents is so that you may copy all the gifts there. Choose your gifts wisely though, do you REALLY want to read every ones thoughts, or see the future, or feel peoples emotions? The people with gifts will present themselves to you when you arrive, choose only those you wish to keep forever, and gracefully declide the rest. All you have to do is think about that persons power, having it, controlling it, and using it while holding their hand. You'l lfeel energy flow through you, that's when you know you've copied it. Can you remember all that Renesmee?

Yes, I think I've got it. I will give every one their instructions as soon as I go back..but first.. Can I know your name? Why are you helping me?

Renesmee.. I'm family, family always helps each other. My name is..Well, it hasn't been chosen yet. That's all I can say for now. Goodbye Renesmee.

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