Chapter 2: Let's Shop

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xXx Aslynima

Renesmee's POV

Much to my horror, there stood Alice, with a map from one wall to the other of San Francisco, with pins on every..single..bridal store in the city. "I was wondering when you'd get here.. You were supposed to be here three minutes ago young lady!" I couldn't help but giggle. Alice and I have always been the best of friends, she's always been the one to understand my feelings, and accept how quickly I devloped by mentally and physically. She understood when I started dating Jacob, and when my crush turned into love.. She always understands. When I stopped aging, she threw me a party..Alice style. She knew it was going to be beautiful, because the day I stopped aging was the day Alice had her first vision of me. Since then, she follows my future constantly since she's never been able to. Alice rushed me into changing so that we could rush off. I've always loved shopping, and I've planned several weddings with Alice, so I couldn't wait to plan mine! Alice brought a humongous scrapbook, a digital camera, wireless printer, and several credit cards. She planned to go everywhere, take pictures of everything I liked, then come back here and decide what we want to buy. She booked a full week for us to shop!

Alice and I stepped into a small bridal store on the outskirts of town that the locals had said was the absolute best. We had done everything but find the bridesmaids and I's dress. A very uptight looking woman approached us with a fake smile plastered on her pug-like face. "Why hello, do you ladies need directions?" Alice's face was something to laugh at, I swear I could feel the anger bursting from her. "No actually, we're shopping for my niece here, she's getting married." The personal shopper, Rachel, quickly apologized and helped us to pick out several dresses to try on. I tried on long dresses, short dresses, lace, ballroom, contemporary.. Nothing seeemd.. "Me." I told Alice I wanted to go, and quickly spun on my heels to leave, knocking over a mannequin. I quickly picked it up and stood in awe. It was perfect, I knew before I even tried it on.. This was, "the one." It had a beautiful sweetheart neckline, strapless, and had ruffles all the way down. I looked to the rude woman and told her I would like to buy this. Rachel turned to me and said, "This dress is very expensive..are you sure you can afford it, you seem awfuly young.." One again, Alice's anger flared up.."Excuse you, but how expensive can expensive truly be? We will take it, and I'd like to speak with another woman about it, because I don't want YOU getting the comition, because personally, I think you're a Stuck-up, rude, ugly BITCH!" My mouth was gaping open at Alice's outburst..then a fit of giggles burst through my lips.. I had to step outside while Alice finished up the transcation.. I just couldn't stop laughing. I can't understand how Alice can make me feel so happy. When I arrived, I was so angry, now I'm giggling like a school girl! I wish Jacob was here though.. I wish he could have shopped with me.. I wonder what he's doing right now, if he's thinking about me..

XxX Aslynima

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