Chapter 1: An Engagement

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xXx Aslynima

I glared at my mother, her eyes filled with pure horror. Why is this so wrong? I know I'm only 6 years old, but I'm a grown woman for crying out loud! Her eyes darted from the intricate diamond ring wrapped around my stone finger, to my agitated eyes. "We're getting married, and I don't care what you, or dad has to say! Besides, Alice already saw you attending, smiling, laughing, and being generally happy. So HA!" That's when I heard what I was really afraid of, Bang..BAng..BANg...BANG! "MY DAUGHTER WILL NOT MARRY A MUTT! A FILTHY, DISGUSTING, FURRY...RENESMEE!! How can you even think of that...creature.. like that?!" Even though I had stopped aging three months ago, my eyes were still able to portray my sadness. Tears spilled over, lazily rolling down my cheeks and crashing onto my blouse. They're such hypocrites! My mother was barely of age when she married AND had a child! I couldn't take it anymore, I had to get out. Praying for Esme to forgive me, I jumped out of the window and ran. I was faster than dad, much faster, so I knew he wouldn't chase me.

When I finally slowed to a brisk run, I noticed I was in San Francisco. I sniffed around a bit, looking for a decent hotel for me to stay at to cool off. I found myself at the Mandarin Oriental, it was beautiful. As I entered the lobby, I couldn't help but be fascinated by my surroundings. My parents didn't let me travel, because I was too precious to lose. I tried to explain to them how powerful I was, how I could defend myself, but it fell on deaf ears. Over the years, my powers had developed to far beyond what they originally were. My power started with a simple touch, and a few thoughts. I could now, much like my Aunt Zafrina, put images into peoples minds. However, now, when I place my thoughts into anothers mind they become immobile. My target is unable to move until I release them. Like my father, I can extract thoughts. It's strange though, I can only extract the persons desires and fears from their mind, nothing else. Carlisle thinks this is just a add on to my original power, so that I may either put the person in a state of tranquility, or pure terror. I have several other powers, I can feel them.. They just haven't manifested yet, but I think, I'm going to be very, very powerful one day.

The lady at the front desk was beautiful, too beautiful..She smiled at me and handed me a key. The look on my face must have been very puzzled because she quickly said, "Ms.Cullen? You have a reservation. See? You faxed us your picture so you wouldn't have to fill out paperwork." Odd.. I smiled and told her thank you and made for the elevator. When I entered my room, I nearly turned around and ran back out, as far from here as I could...

XxX Aslynima

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