Chapter 6: Explanations

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xXx Aslynima

Renesmees POV:

I waited silently for my family to gather around our hotel room, still locked onto Jasper. "Ahemm, everybody.. I called a family meeting because, well.. Something very strange happend while I was sleeping, and I'd like everyone to know about it. Jasper..Can you..?"

Jasper: "Of course hun. Renesmee has been visted by someone, that has one visited me. This person lead me to Alice, and I think she is leading Renesmee to be able keep her family. Her visitor said that at the wedding, everyone other than Alice, Jacob, and the bride herself, die."

Alice: "WHAT!?!?! I haven't seen that, you're lying. The wedding goes wonderfully, see! Edward look, no dying!"

Edwards:  "Alice that vision only shows the end of the reception, and yes every one is smiling and happy. No one is dead."

Alice: "Hmm.. Well, maybe this was meant to happen! If I can see everyone happy, it's because of what Renesmee does."

Bella: "Jasper, why don't you tell us more, if these two want to discuss theories, they can go outside."

Jasper: "When I had left Maria, I wandered for quite some time. Alone. I was drinking a human when she found me. She came to me, and I passed out.. I didn't keep track of time during that period of my life, so I don't know how long I was out. She told me that I was lost, my soul was lost. She wanted to help me, because she had already changed what lead me to Alice to begin with. I was to wander the streets of Ontario.. She said that the one who would help me to find me soul would be there, looking for me. For Renesmee, she helped her find a gift. Nessie, why don't you show them?"

"Okay Jazzie.." I  am the wind.. invisible, strong.. I heard gasps all around me, and I knew I did it. I tried to extend it, mom always explained her shield as a rubber band.. I tried to find that now, but I couldn't..Dad heard my frustration and did something horrible.

"Jacob, come here.." Dad grabbed my Jacob and wrapped his arm around his throat. I heard Jake gasping for air..  His gasps were shorter, and more time inbetween each one. Mom understood, and crouched down infront of jake and bit him. "NOOO JAKE CANT GET BIT! HIS BODY WONT!...MOM DAD STOP STOP STOPPPPPPPPPPPPPP" I heard clapping right as the first tear escaped my eyes.. Why were they clapping? My Jacob.. My Jacob was.. laughing? He's laughing! I love that sound, such a warm, hearty laugh! I looked up to see him, but he wasn't there.. No one was. Oh.. Mom told me how she learned to use her shield..They needed to put me into protective mode to make it pop. Duh.. "Thanks guys.. "

XxX Aslynima

Okay guys, sorry for all the boring stuff, it'll start getting better.. I just had to get the background out of the way. Next chapter we're skipping to "2 Months Later", the wedding is here.. All the shopping is done now Alice is just decorating, and last minute changes. Thanks for reading, it means the WORLD to me! A couple votes for next chapter :)

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