Chapter 7: Decorations

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-----------------------------------2 MONTHS LATER-----------------------------------

Alices POV:

It's been two months now, and Renesmee hasn't seen her mystery girl again. It's made her rather upset, which makes me upset as well. Rather than sit around and mope though, I've dragged Esme into decorating with me. The wedding will be held outside, in the garden, and the reception party will be held inside our house.

The garden is closed in with large sheets of pink and white sheet lace. It kind of looks like a big canopy bed.. Only much prettier. The chairs are wooden, and have all been freshly sanded and stained, sot hat they look absolutely gorgeous for the wedding. Esme and I painted the names of all our guests on each chair - we sent out a seating list with a nomad that passed threw a little over a month ago. We just got it back last night, everyone filled out their names on a seat, those who didn't care where they sat put their names on the back.

Along the lace curtains, we draped thousands upon thousands of white, pink, and red twinkle lights. Esme had the boys install a no-splash stone waterfall behind the canopy where Renesmee and Jake will be married. We also rolled out a red carpet leading down the isle, with lights on each side. Esme and I decided to use the same boquet of flowers we used at Bellas wedding, and they were everywhere. We've been replacing them everyday to really get the smell soaked in to the "tent".

Inside is much the same. Twinkle lights and flowers everywhere. We covered all the walls in bark, to give it a rustic, wood smell. There is also a large fountain on each side of the food table - one will contain animal blood, the other human when the party starts. Carlisle had a hard time ordering enough donor blood for such an event, and the boys have been draining animals all week. Emily and Leah will be cooking for our guests that eat food, and we spent two days deciding what would go on the menu. Finally, we decided that we would use the meat from the Animals the boys drained. Emily loved the idea of wild game available. So, they will be cooking up steaks, roasts, stews.. Just about everything from the animals.

Renesmee picked out her bridesmaids dresses last week, and Rosalie has been fitting them to each lady since. She chose blood red dresses, with a black belt at the waist. A sheer black lace pashmina will drape the ladies shoulders, and 6 inch, black Jessica Simpson pointed toe heels will be on their feet. I think she did good, Bella thinks their not appropriate for a wedding, but it's not her wedding.

For the Honeymoon I decided to send them to Alaska. I found a beautiful rustic cabin in an area that has been experiencing an over population of bears, moose, and foxes, so there will be plenty of animals around. Carlisle went to check it out, and stock it with food, sheets, bathroom necessities.. ect..ect..

The wedding is only two days away.. All of our guests have arrived and are staying all around town and in port angelos. Today is the rehersal, and tomorrow Nessie will be sleeping ALL day, so that she's not tired on her Honeymoon.

Renesmees POV:

Jacob and I are spending as much time together today as possible. Alice has been bugging me like crazy this past week, but I don't mind. I love all the things she done for my wedding, its beautiful. Jacob and I are laying on the beach together.. "Jake? Are you nervous?" He nods his head at me, not wanting to speak. "Me too.. I mean, I'm really nervous about the honeymoon...We've kissed and stuff but.. I'm just scared that it won't go right.." His eyes looked deep into mine, and I could swear he was looking into my soul. I wonder what he sees? A monster..that kills, and sucks the blood out of animals..or a beautiful..mystical creature? I'm afraid it's the first.. "Renesmee...You have nothing to be worried about. I promise. I won't rush you, I'll be gentle..and loving, I don't want to just have sex with you, I want to make love to you, to mend our souls into one even if they already are." I wasn't expecting him to be so sweet.. I opened my mouth to say thank you..thank you for being able to take away my fears but his mouth consumed mine. This kiss wasn't like the kisses we've shared before.. This was firey hot, burning passion. I pushed against his body as our lips moved in this foreigh way, his hand wraped around me to grab my butt and pull me on top of him. I gasped and moaned all at the same time. He pulled away from my lips and started kissing my chin, cheek, earlobe, and then my neck. He bit down on my neck sucking lightly and I moaned out load. I felt his smile on my neck when I softly moaned his name. Jacob kissed down my neck to my breast, and just as he was about to suck on my breast I heard a angry scream..."JACOB BLACK! GET AWAY FROM MY NEICE! I JUST SAW YOU GIVING HER A HICKEY! AND IT WOULD BE VERY VERY VISIBLE ON YOUR WEDDING DAY!" I couldn't help but giggle at Alice's outburrst. A hickey on my wedding day? No no no.. I couldn't let that happen. I pushed my Jake away and kissed him lightly on the lips. The sun was starting to fall, and I know I'm supposed to sleep tomorrow.. Goodnight Jacob, I whispered as Alice pulled me by the hand, back home..

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