Chapter 8: Preparations

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Esmes POV:

Today is my granddaughters wedding day. I'm so excited for her. I remember my second marriage, to Carlisle. It was the happiest day of my life, although it wasn't as grand as Renesmee's will be. It was 1921 when Carlisle and I got married. My love for him was there the moment I woke up, but it took me several months to get use to the idea of loving another man. In my time, is was an abomination to sleep with more than one man, to get divorced..I loved Carlisle though, with all my heart, and for some crazy reason, he loved me too. We were married in August, 4 1/2 months after I was changed. I didn't have exceptional self control, but the only other feeling I felt other than bloodlust, was love. Carlisle thinks this is because I was so loving in my first life, that love is my power.

Our wedding was small, but beautiful.. It was everything I wanted my first wedding to be. Our only guests were the Denali Coven and Edward. When it was time for our honeymoon, I had never been so nervous in my life. We spent our Honeymoon south of the border, in a small town with lots of wildlife. Carlisle was the sweetest man I ever met. We took it very slow, kissing and touching each other for hours before we ever made love. Now that I think about it, it could have been days we lay there just kissing, and discovering each others bodies. When we made love, it was the most amazing.. I can't describe it. We made love for days, maybe weeks after that first night. When we returned, Edward stayed away for several months,  I suppose my thoughts were too much for him. When Carlisle found Rosalie, we hoped that they would love the way Carlisle and I did. But that never happend.. In fact, they've never quite got to the friends stage, but they put up with each other.

Back to today, my baby girls all grown up. Emily and Leah asked if I would help them in the kitchen today, I was so overjoyed that I pulled both of them into a hug. Leah growled, and a single tear escaped Emily's eyes. I never expected the pack to accept me in such a way. We've been cooking for hours together. The girls put me on chopping duty, because of my accuracy and speed. I didn't mind though, I just loved their company. The pack put off a aura, it's unexplainable. Carlisle says it's odd that I enjoy their company, that my senses should tell me to attack, but they don't..All I feel is happy, warm even. The food is almost done, and the wedding starts in a mere four hours. Renesmee has been locked in the beauty parlor Alice created a few weeks ago. I think it's all a bit extravagent, Renesmee doesn't need makeup to look beautiful, but, Renesmee understands this is Alice's day almost as much as it hers.

Alice's POV:

"NO NO NO! ITS ALL WRONG!" I yelled at Rosalie, why can't she just see what I want? I asked her to do a modern half corn-row on Renesmee's hair, loose, and re-curl her natural curls. But no, that wasn't simple enough for her to understand. She went and did a full corn row and curled them! "Rosalie, will you just make the last minute adjusements to her dress, I'll do her hair." I watched as Rosalie flitted off to take in a few things while I fixed my poor Nieces hair. I took my time, intricately weaving her hair into beautiful braids that only went half way up her head, the rest I let fall loosely down to her waist. I worked on her hair for about 40 minutes, taking my time to make it perfect. Renesmee was really being good about this, much better than her mother was. She has sit still, reading Romeo and Juliet for the last 3 hours, letting me poke and prod her, making her absolutely gorgeous.

It was time for her to put on her dress, which Rosalie had just brought in. Renesmee didn't need instruction, she just got up and lifted her hands above her head. Rosalie and I had picked out a beautiful bridal lingerie set. A sweet yet sexy red push-up bra with lace overlay. The bras lace extended down to her belly button, sheer and sexy. It looked amazing against her creamy skin. The panties were much the same, with a garter belt, we didn't allow her to wear the stockings yet though, they would be visible under the dress. So, we will put those on when she leaves, per her request, she wants to wear her wedding dress on the plane. The makeup I applied was minimal, no foundation, only a slight smokey eye, lip gloss, and mascara. Everything was perfect, she looked perfect..gorgeous.

"Alice..?" I heard Renesmee, barely whisper my name. "Yes beautiful, what do you need?" I saw the hesistant look in her eyes, as well as the embaressment flushing her cheeks..Oh boy, here we go. "Well.. I  was wondering if.. We could um, talk about..well, if we could talk about the um.. The honeymoon." Well.. I don't see any harm in talking to her about sex now, since she's going to be having it tonight.  "Well, Renesmee,..It's very, emotional. It will feel like nothing you've ever felt before, I don't know if you'll feel the pain that most humans feel their first time, I could ask Carlisle for you, if you'd like. It feels like.. The world ends, and the only thing left is you and your partner. Your souls are intertwined, moving together in the dance of the lovers. I cried the first time Jasper and I made love, well not literally of course, but we both did. We held each other for hours, sobbing lightly. We didn't know that love could be like that. We didn't expect there to be so many emotions involved. It was worth it though, and um.. Not to embaress you or anything Ness...but I've kinda..Seen it.. And, you're really happy afterward. I know, it's gross, but I couldn't turn it off once it started.. I'm sorry." I saw the surprised look on her face, since she decided to marry Jake, I've been getting fewer and fewer visions of her. "Alice, Thank you so much! I doesn't gross me out that you've seen it.. We're both girls, besides, you just eased a lot of my worries. I love you Allie!" I heard Edward comming up the stairs, the ceromony was starting. "Nessie, it's time." I heard her take in a huge gulp of air, and exhale slowly.

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