Chapter 17- ThE dRuNk MiNd AlWaYs SpEak ThE sObEr HeArT.

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Quote of the day: Your absence made me realise how much you meant to me.

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Hritika's POV

“How about magnum chocolate truffles!!” Aiyla asked me as currently, we were choosing our ice-creams with different flavours.

“Amazing!!” I nodded vigorously and couldn't hold the loud squeal that escaped from my lips.

It earned the attention of a few amused people. A girl was checking things nearby, lazily but now she was screaming curses and sporting a fresh bruise across her forehead.

“What the hell?” The girl snapped.

A nice lady calms her down “Child, don't ever scream like that in-crowd, You're lucky now!!” She softly told me.


Embarrassed with the situation, I dashed towards another aisle for snacks, snatching few packets of chocolate truffles from Aiyla.

I started putting Nut museli, Oreo cookies, Chips etc. in small shopping Cart When blushing Aiyla came with her things and started complaining.

Aww, she looks so cute while blushing!!’ Voice in my head cooed and If I were a lesbian then I would have proposed her for marriage.

“Hey, bu hiç adil değil, you embarrassed me and that-” Her eyes darts at chocolate truffles, “was for me that you snatched!!” I smile sheepishly at her, making her melt. (It's not fair at all)

Well, you must be wondering that-- what the... who is this newbie Aiyla?

So let me tell you... S-Sid.

Oh-Ah Okay, after that kiss He was in every thought of mine. Shhh, it's a secret.

Non the less, I met Aiyla in Clubhouse, yesterday and from then we had been hanging out with each other. She also stays in the same building, same floor and we also like many similar things like ice-creams, playing billiards and Turkish series...etc.

But the sad part was that she was only one year younger than me- not similar and not to forget nationality.

One of the most important things was that her father was from Turkish and mother from India and she was here for perdue her higher stud-...

“Hey, you are zoning out again!!” Aiyla snaps her fingers in front of my face, making me realise we are already on our apartment floor.

“Thanks, Aiyla and see you-

A familiar voice rang in the hallway out of nowhere. “Hey, Aiyla!!” We snapped our gaze towards Kriti, startled.

“Hi, Kriti!?”

“Kriti, when did you come home?!?”

I and Aiyla asked at the same time, astonished.

“Leave it, we three are going to Party tonight and I don't wanna hear a No!!” Kritika said excitedly.

“But why?” We both question Kriti.

“Because the project that I was working on had been completed with great success and Now I had no business here. so let's party only three of us last time in New York and yeah wear something sexy!!” Kriti smiles widely.

“Where we are going?” I asked.

“it’s a Surprise...!!” There was a mischievous glint in her voice.

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