Chapter 1- Calm Down Sweetheart

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No matter how old a girl gets. Sometimes all she needs is her dad.~ Unknown.


Bangaluru, India,7:00 AM, Kempegowda International Airport.

Hritika's POV

Airports! I loathe them with passion. I walk through the building in excitement, and at the same time, fear. Tears brimmed in my eyes, sadness crawled in my heart, but I ignored it.

12 hour before we left for the airport.

"Please!" I pleaded.

"No Princess!"He replied shaking his head. It's been more than 2 hours since I started begging him and mom to let me go to New York and him denying it. I know Mumma would not have much problem as Papa.

She would agree if Papa allows. But that's the hard part.

"Please Papa" I pleaded again, batting my eyelashes.

"You could work in our company?" he ran his hand over his face. I could work in my father's company but I have a big pride that's always knocking in my head.

"Because I want to go alone, Dad. I want to explore and prove something on my own. I want to experience my life. I want to do it myself ."

"No, Princess you can't go. Have I ever denied you anything? It is always what you say. I have always fulfilled every wish of yours, but we cannot fulfil this. I won't let you go there alone." He try to use strict tone but failed miserably. He is right, he never had said a No to me and He always fulfilled my every wish and I also knew that it really hurt him to say no to me.

"It's just for a few months, right? I will be back before you know it." I said hoping that he would say yes.

"Few months? It's twelve months means 1 year you are talking about. Twelve months! We both can't even stay a minute without you being near us. How are we supposed to let you go for twelve months? And that too alone. No us, Not any of your friends. No, I can't. I just can't!" He said pacing back and forth.

"If you really want to go then you can go with your brother. There is no need of you going alone." Mumma said with a hopeful look in her eyes.

Oh lord! I knew making them agree with me was hard. But I didn't know it would be this hard. Maybe I should just give up.

Are you insane? Don't give up just so easily. This your only chance to live like others and to at least once experience the life of workers. Don't screw this up' said the annoying voice of my head.

'Easy to say than done!' I snapped back.

"-bygirl. Babygirl." My mummy called which brought me back from battling my stupid inner voice who fights me more than my enemy.

"Babygirl! Are you alright?" Papa asked worriedly.

"Yes, Papa! I mean no! I really wanna go to New York! Come on Papa! I'll be calling you a lot, and we can talk on Skype! It's like I never left, you can still see me. Please let me go. Pleawse Daddy?" I asked with my best puppy eyes and pout for effect. I know he can't resist it and I'm kind of desperate right now.

"N- No! I can't let- urgh! Please stop giving me that look! Okay Fine! You can go! But you must go with Daksh from here and keep in touch baby girl, and don't forget to give us a ring. I know you're grown up and it's hard to accept that our baby has turned into a lady but still, I have my eyes on you. I trust you you'll take care of yourself, and You will be staying in one of the apartment that we own there. You won't go out at night. You will not talk to strangers. And you will not-" I hugged him tightly cutting his blabber short.

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