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Do you want to learn English to get high scores on IELTS, TOEFL, or any other tests? Do you want to learn English, so you can write better emails? 

Do you want to learn English to pass job interviews?

Why do you have to study English? Why do you have to struggle? Why do you have to go through the pain, the embarrassment, the rejection? 

The core reason it takes others longer to learn English has to do with not knowing exactly why they have to do it.

Pinpoint your one biggest WHY right now before you get started. I'm telling this, especially to students who are impatient.

These are the type of folks who frequently ask what I think is the most enduring question in the ESL world: "How soon can I get better at English?"

In all honesty, I don't know. The only person who knows what you can do is you. Only you can tell. Only you know how dedicated you are and how fast you can learn new skills. 

But one thing is certain though. No matter how difficult you think learning English is, as long as you don't quit, you'll get good at it. I promise. It's not rocket science.

Think about how you have mastered your native language. Was it so difficult? Did it give you sleepless nights? Did you pay a huge amount of money to get good at your own language? 

Just like how you have learned your own language, learning English requires you to go through the stage of speaking like a baby. 

And every baby does not learn everything overnight.

Just because you may be a respected 40-year old business executive doesn't mean you're not supposed to make grammar or pronunciation mistakes. 

Once, I looked stupid. Each time I spoke I would embarrass myself. My colleagues made fun of my accent. Fast forward, I'm still amazed at how much I've changed today.

I don't discount the notion that miracles happen if you know what matters to you. We are no longer babies so obviously our ability to learn is much faster than them. 

What a five-year-old will have learned in 2 years, we can learn in one minute. Joke. One day is fine. Do you want to learn spoken and written English in 6 months or in 1 year? 

Take a closer assessment of yourself. What. Are. You. Doing? Again, what are you doing? Again,


Do you think it's backbreaking or you are just sleeping? Buckle down, my friend! I've read somewhere. You need to possess three things to get good at something:

Desire to change
Willingness to learn
Commitment to take action

The third one is something you probably have an issue with. How many times do you have to say this, "Kenjie, I can't do it. I'm too busy!"

Are you kidding me? Why don't you incorporate English into each activity you do? There are people all over the world who are fascinated by the English language. 

But what do you usually hear from them?

I'm too busy to study.
I have no time to read books.
I have no time to watch films, no time to listen to music. I have no time to sing.
I am lonely.
I am missing somebody.
I need a handsome teacher.
I want a pretty teacher too.

They will give you a host of reasons why it seems so hard for them to learn English. Are you one of these folks? 

Are you, right now, sitting here reading these words, hoping, wishing, dreaming you can speak and write in English well?

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