My Daily Routine

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My mother is very keen on household chores. Every morning, my brother and I would ask each other who would do what. Most of the time I would volunteer, "Okay, you buff the floor. I'll fetch water."

Our house sits around fifty meters away from a river where we source pretty much everything a river can be used for. 

In those days, mineral water in refillable gallon containers were non-existent. So, we had to walk a little farther to hand pump drinkable water from a deep well.

Just like most of our neighbors, we use firewood primarily for cooking. There were days when we needed to wake up early to gather twigs and wood from fallen tree branches. 

When I got my tasks done, I would head out into the fields and river banks.

I love the outdoors. I would roam fearlessly through the woods while my brother preferred to stay at home. He likes drawing. We both do. But I love fishing more.

I would fish every chance I got with bamboo fishing poles I made myself. Plenty of big mudfish hide somewhere in the depths of the river. 

My technique was to look for isolated bodies of water where I thought the biggest one lurks in.

I would walk and walk till I was miles away from home. It's important. 

My ability to read water movements spelled the difference between bringing home a big catch and getting yelled at by my mother. So, I would walk and wait.

By the way, I was lucky enough to live very near my primary school. During mid-morning recess, I would sprint to the nearest spot where I dropped my fishing line. My mind couldn't resist thinking and playing around the idea that I got a big catch.

I had caught big ones before. Mind you, it's not easy if you get a mudfish. I struggled several times. It was like a UFC fight. Once caught, this big fat fish would twist and shake its snake- like head hard in an effort to free itself off the hook.

Clouds of mud would then render me blind. One tip. You should know how and where to grab the slippery thing. 

You grab and hold, then pause like you're having a selfie together. You check how the fish reacts to your firm grip while your heart beats fast like it's your last day. Crazy, right?

In this case, my grappling skills should outsmart the fish otherwise I'd get hit by a bamboo stick for getting my uniform wet.

I'm telling you this to let you know that I wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth. I want you to know that I had nothing. I was a nobody who was so crazy about fishing. 

Look at you. You probably have everything at your disposal. But do you think learning English becomes easy if you quit?

If you think you can't pronounce a word well, you don't know the distinction between L and R, you think there are many grammar rules to learn, you think English was so hard, then think about me having nothing. 

If you want something badly, you'll find a way. If English matters to you, you'll do anything it takes. Enough with your excuses.

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