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Learn Japanese by Akaru2002
Learn Japaneseby Noa Bouw
A book to learn Japanese. The title says all. I'm still learning by myself too. If you have questions, just ask me, I'll do everything to answer your question! 😉
Physiologically Speaking by feechi17
Physiologically Speakingby Belle Wrights
Physiology is the scientific study of the normal mechanisms and the interactions within a living system - Wikipedia. Human physiology connects science, medicine and hea...
Hello Neighbor (TERBIT PBAKL 2023) by violetfasha
Hello Neighbor (TERBIT PBAKL 2023)by Red Hoody
INTROVERTS DON'T MAKE FRIENDS, THEY GET ADOPTED BY EXTROVERTS Hidup di Victoria, Australia merupakan satu perkara yang sukar buat seorang perempuan. Tapi tidak bagi Mawa...
This Book May Help You To Learn or Improve "English" by Riz_rives77
This Book May Help You To Learn or...by IAmMe..
A book for English learning and improving. ^_^
The Baby and the Battlefield by CarolinaC
The Baby and the Battlefieldby CarolinaC
A baby? On a battlefield? Marcus is a clerk in the Imperial army. When he finds an abandoned baby on a battlefield, he has no idea what to do with her. His best friend i...
Majnun and Layla: A Love Immortal by SaRa_5683
Majnun and Layla: A Love Immortalby SaRa_5683
This is the Tale of Majnun and Layla. This is a tale of true love. Their story is heartbreaking, their love is immortal, their legacy lives on. What if i told you that t...
Jegulus by sassytwoyearold
Jegulusby sassytwoyearold
Mauraders Era made for my gf
10 Secrets to Confident Public Speaking by BrigadierBond
10 Secrets to Confident Public Spe...by Marcus Edward Bond
Public speaking is a crucial skill that can help individuals communicate ideas, persuade others, and advance their careers. However, public speaking can be a daunting ta...
Nihongo 101 by Kahlynb
Nihongo 101by Kahlynb
Here's to everyone trying to learn Japanese! I have seen so many learn to speak Japanese books on wattpad, and they make me mad about how incorrect they are. If you want...
The new life is better than the old // Blind Channel by auroora0715
The new life is better than the ol...by Auroora
Hi, I'm Iida and this is my story. I am a fictional character, but I follow my story. Here's some information, I'm 14 at the beginning and a blind channel fan. that's al...
Learn Sindarin  by Johanna_AJ
Learn Sindarin by Johanna Andrea
☑️ For those who are willing to learn more about Sindarin! ☑️ I cannon guarantee that everything is 100% correct! ☑️ You can always announce me if you need any particula...
Hypnosis for fear of public speaking by vivahealthylife
Hypnosis for fear of public speaki...by
How to overcome fear of public speaking is one of the most important questions today, especially if your career or business depends on it. If you fear public speaking, d...
Overthinking by cxmpletely
Overthinkingby terra
My life can be compared to catching a ball. Easy, right? Nope. It's sort if like this: you want so desperately to catch the ball, but it's being hurled 100mph at your fa...
Gakuen Alice Facfic- crossover- I Will Protect You + Mikan's Little Twin- by al3m08
Gakuen Alice Facfic- crossover- I...by WhyCantWritingB_E_Z
These two stories could become one. The Sakura Triplets will go on crazy journeys, how will the academy be able to handle three Sakuras? Well let's find out. Here, we wi...
Everything you need to start and finish your stories! Anything from cliffhangers, to character development.
Maximizing Confidence on Informative Public Speaking by nethancj
Maximizing Confidence on Informati...by Nethan Jabujab
A step into overcoming the fear of speaking in front of a listening crowd...
Unspoken words  by -Falastini_Girl75-
Unspoken words by 🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸
Words I wish to have the courage to say someday to certain people ~
Synonyms For "Said"  by ViennaStormRose
Synonyms For "Said" by ViennaStormRose
This is a compiled list of words to use in place of "said." It's organized by emotion and the general tone of the way something is spoken. As a writer, I can n...
Enter My Wonderland by MsNoCategory
Enter My Wonderlandby MsNoCategory
(Every one of these poems has a story behind them, whether if their from my life, or just a story) These poem's that you may or may not read, have no theme. Some hold my...
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Whistles to speaking by Montygren123
Whistles to speakingby Montygren123
This is an idea that me and @Dwarfs4Ever had about one of the 7d, Dopey, and how, if the 7d were to return that Dopey should receive a potion that allows him to speak. D...