Putting Your Ideas Into Practice

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Some people would rather stay mute than speak. If you are like this, I encourage you to leave comments on blogs where the author nor the readers can't see you. 

It's also high time to read the blog post to get as much idea when you are ready to share your own thoughts on the subject.

Blog commenting isn't difficult. As short as saying "Great!" is fine. If you want to make a point, it doesn't have to be very long either. Just make sure it makes sense. Doing this helps build your confidence and skills in writing.

I suggest you comment on a consistent basis. The more you do it, the more careful you become in your choice of words. The moment you see your well-thought-out words turn into a live comment, the feeling will be glorious. 

But why settle in giving comments when you can build your own blog? I built my own website myself without touching a single line of code.

Blogging wasn't part of my plan. But there seems to be no logic to learning and knowing a bunch of words and keep them to yourself. What do you think?

After all, there are no magic tricks involved when it comes to expressing yourself in English, be it spoken or written. All it takes are three words: practice, practice, practice.

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