Make Me A Promise

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Hey love.

So... this is Mail No. 365 in this little series of ours. And this is our grand finale.

You know, secretly, deep inside, I'm kinda hoping you stopped reading these a while ago. I mean, how much of my silly BS can you possibly take! :D

But, then again, I also know you. And so, I am convinced you're reading this, sometime around midnight, the moment it got delivered in your inbox. Probably in your purple PJs, around... two glasses of wine in already?

Try not to get too wasted on my account. I broke a lot of promises. You can't be giving me this much rope, babe.

Oh, and don't forget to take your pills. We can't end this little thing with you fighting a sucky migraine by the end of it.

I am stalling. I know. And I know you can tell too.

It's hard, love. Even after 364 of these silly things, it's hard to come to the bloody point.

(Seriously though, you never should have married me. I suck. It's official.)

Okay, okay. The point of it all.

Here we go.

It's time. Don't argue, just listen.

From the moment you came into my life, yelling at me half drunk at Rob's party, to this very moment as I'm typing these words... you've made my life brighter than I ever dreamed it could be.

I didn't know I could smile for no reason, till I met you. I didn't know I could get mad enough to throw mashed potatoes at a turkey on Thanksgiving, till I met you (still sorry about that one btw).

Each morning, I would wake up before you did, and just lie there quietly, looking at your face for a while, to remind myself how lucky I was. And each night as you lay next to me, I went to sleep knowing it.

(Plus, you're crazy hot, and the sex helped make the point. A lot. :D )

You have been my blessing, love.

I'm glad for every memory we made together.

I'm glad about the time we went house hunting with no money, and got locked inside that creepy house. I am glad about all the nights we spend playing board games, after telling our friends one of was sick. I'm glad for all the scary movies you made me watch, and I'm glad for your kisses afterward when I was being a total wimp.

I am happy for every second I got to spend with you. When I scheduled these mails to be sent to you, one each day, for a year after I'm gone... it was to get to this.

Let go, honey. It's time. I want nothing more than for you to be happy.

That makes me happy. Give me a quick kiss, and close this mail.

Promise me that you'll be happy.

Promise... or I'll totally haunt you creepy style. ;)

I'm okay, wherever I am. Really.

Let go. Be happy.

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