What is wrong with me?

I met the guy like yesterday!

How can I even think about being his girlfriend?

I snorted. I don't think this friendship can last more than the week I'm staying here.

I'm sure he has a bunch of friends waiting for him in London.

And in any case, whoever ends up with him at the end, must be an amazingly beautiful woman...not plain old Emily...

Not that I'm considering anything...since there is pretty much nothing to consider...


I'm confussing myself.

One thing is for sure, Relationships are so overrated these days...

I shook my head and turned to look at him. Scott was walking beside me and I noticed how he was watching me from the corner of his eyes amused.

Did I snort out loud?

How lame is that!

Each minute we pass together, I embarrass myself more and more...I fought the urge to snort again.

Oh well, it's not like we are going to spend much time together, anyway...

"We'll stop by my house so you can freshen up in the bathroom"

Freshen up?

"I look like crap, don't I?" I bluntly asked at Scott as we were now heading for the back entrance of his house after securing the horses at the stables.

Scott turned to look at me with an amused smile on his face, "well...you do have puffy eyes and your nose is pretty red and-"

I raised my palm to stop him, "I get it" I muttered.

How am I going to mask that, I have no idea...

"As weird as it sounds, I think we have some makeup on the house, if you are interested"

Shrugging, I walked in the house and smiled at him, "I guess I can manage"

Scott chuckled behind me, "good. Do you remember the way to the same bedroom you used yesterday?"

"I do, thank you" I whispered blushing. I was embarrassed...because...I freaking used that room yesterday...


Scott smiled at me and moved his head gesturing me to go on. So I did. I walked all the way to the now familiar bedroom, heading straight to the bathroom, I didn't even close the door.

I was dreading the moment I watched my face in the mirror. If Scott suggested that I had to clean up myself, I must really look horrible.

A gasp left my mouth as soon as I faced my reflection.

Gosh...I did look like crap...

My eyes were puffy and red and my nose was pink on the tip. My cheeks had trails of dried tears and my usually manageable straight hair was all over the place. Sighing, I started to wash my face.

I guess to say that I was embarrassed was an understatement. Still, I didn't want my mother to see me like this, so I splashed a handful of cold water to my face.

As I was washing my face, I heard some noise behind me. I grabbed a small towel and dried my face. The same old lady that took me here yesterday was watching me with a blank expression on her face. She was, however, holding a tray with some makeup on her hands. She placed it carefully next to me and glanced at my reflection. A small smile tugged up at her lips when I muttered blushing a shy "thank you." She nodded and left closing the door.

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