V Live!

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(Hyejin's POV)

"Annyeonghaseyo!" I greeted my phone screen as viewers increased in number. "How is everyone?"

I grabbed my glass of lemon water and took a sip from it. I just woke up and the first thing that came to my mind was to do a quick V Live before my busy day starts. Seoul Music Awards was tonight, so I had rehearsals, sound check, fitting, and many more.

"I just woke up. It's too early for a V Live, but I'm amazed at how many people are viewing right now," I giggled.

Unnie! Did you sleep well?

Saranghae!!! 💕💕💕

I'm so excited for SMA I can't wait to see you perform.

"Who are you excited to see tonight?" I read. "Waaa~ I'm excited to see everyone perform. I just enjoy these types of shows you know, I get to see all talents doing what they love. It just pumps me up!"

And that's facts! I always see edits of compilations of myself reacting to various performances of idols during award shows. I've become a living meme. It makes me laugh at how my fans can get so creative with their edits. My favorite one was my reaction to GOT7's Hard Carry performance where I fangirled and sang the words while I sloppily followed their arm swinging dance in my seat. I saw so many gifs made as reaction memes.

Everyone continue voting for Hyejin-unnie for Hallyu Special Award!!!

I'm so excited for your performance. WHich song are doing?

Hyejin for Best Dance Performance!!!

Noonaaa! This will be my first time seeing you live T-T

I smiled at the comments as I continued reading them. "Awww thank you everyone! I hope to win the awards not only for myself, but for you guys as well."

I decided to play music at the background and sing along to the song. My playlist was on shuffle.

"Do you guys know this song? It's my current favorite," I opened.

Crown by TXT started playing and I started singing along to it, earning excited reactions from my Kwonies.

Unnie!! I love TXT!! WHo is your bias??

"Bias? I love them all. I don't understand how people can pick just one!" I exclaimed as I continued dancing in my seat.

"For rookies, they're really doing very well. I love their songs. I even bought their light stick," I laughed and reached for it behind my phone and waved it around as I sang.

Soobin is my bias! But Yeonjun steals my heart <3



Beomgyu and Kai T-T

tAEHYung? wrong Fnadom gurl lol 🤣

"Do you listen to BTS?" I slowly read. I nodded my head. "They're great!"


Whois your BIas!??

Unnie!!! You should do a song with them!!

Drop your fave BTS song!

Sehun is shaking >.>

Hahaha Sehun is old news >.<

"I can't choose biases!!" I laughed. "But, I've been listening to Suga-oppa a lot lately. I like how he tells stories in his songs. Makes me feel emotional at a level where I get to relate to his words despite not going through what he had."


My Sugar T-T

SugaxHyejin collab please!!!

Taehyung is quaking

Worldwide Handsome is tgriggerd


Jimin and Hyejin Dance COLLAB!!

The comments flooded quickly that my eyes couldn't keep track and read each one. Suddenly, Hard Carry started blasting in the background. More comments came up as I got my GOT7 light stick and used it as a microphone.

"Welcome to my world let's do this, Isyujejogira bulleo I'm so ill, Eodilgado bunwigi Go higher, Bihaenggi bakkeun neomu sikkeureowo gwayeol," I spat. "Yah! Jackson, I'm coming for your job." I joked.

Being friends with Jackson, it's filled with teasing here and there. There was even one video where he tried following my dance and he said that he could be a better Hyejin than me. We have a really good friendship that the fans enjoy making us into memes. We were even dubbed as friendship goals because of how we treat each other. All platonic, despite some fans trying to ship us together. No. Haha. Get out of here.

ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Jackson could never XD

Imagine a variety show where Jackson and Hyejin exchange roles hahahaha!

LMFAO that would be funnyyyy!!!!!

Suddenly, a memory popped in my head. "Jackson is such a pabo for calling Suga-oppa "sugar hyung" when they met one time. I facepalmed so hard it went through my skull." I laughed.

HAHAHAHhA! I remember that too XDD

He's so funny! I wonder how you deal with him hahaha

"It takes patience," I joked.

Yah! Unnie, share your playlist please T-T

Hyejin!!! I love youuuuuu -Brazil

Waaah! I'm late for her live. I just woke up hhuhuhuhu

"My playlist needs updating though. Drop the music you listen to and I'll take time to listening to them," I smiled at the camera on the phone.

The live went on for another hour before I bid my fans goodbye. It was time for me to start hustling for the day. I stood up and immediately went to the bathroom for an extensive shower. Yes, I did a live without a shower. I was in my pajamas with a messy bun. I literally, woke up like this. That's how I energize for the day. I blast music and dance around or sing along to songs to get my energy up because I'm going to need all energy I can get to tackle this day.


Jackson while watching Hyejin's V Live HAHAHAHAHA

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Jackson while watching Hyejin's V Live HAHAHAHAHA

Hi everyone! This my new book! I hope you guys like it! This chapter is just a filler and an open as to how Hyejin's personality is. Please don't forget to vote and leave a comment. :D)

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