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Nash has been away at magcon for 2 months and I missed him so bad but today he was coming back finally,

I waited then finally at 6pm he came back.

"NASH!" I screamed as he walked through the door I ran up to him and jumped in his arms and he hugged me tight.

"I missed you so much." I said as I kissed his cheek.

"I missed you to baby, and all your sexiness." He winked.

"Yeah." I said.

"Yeah." Answered

That made me think what if I teased him I know how bad I can effect him by just looking at him so I thought I could have fun with it.

Nash let go of me and I went into our bedroom where he followed me,
I pushed him against the wall but he turned us around so I was against the wall,

"No you can't tease me." He said.

"I wasn't going to." I lied.

"But I can tease you. He told me, he leaned to kiss me but then pulled away

"Nash no." I said.

"Oh yes." He smiled mischievously then carried on to lean closer and closer really slowly, I grabbed his shirt and turned us around so Nash was against the wall again.

"I'm going to tease you now." I told him.

I kissed him passionately and really slow then suddenly pulled away.

"Nah you can't do that." Nash said.

"Oh yes I can." I answered,
I grabbed his arm and pushed him on the bed then got on top of him so I was sitting on his lap, then I kissed him roughly and bit his bottom lip making him moan, I pulled away and tugged at his shirt, he took it off and then I took off My shirt then I placed kisses down his toned stomach I came to his area and looked at him wide eyed,

"Now look babe you can't tease me here." Nash basically begged me not to tease but I didn't listen.

I took off his pants and slowly rubbed up and down his thigh really close to his area.

"C'mon babe." Nash said.

I licked the tip of his D and he moaned then I put his D in my mouth and began to suck Nash groaned loudly, then I stopped and looked up at him,

"N no babe don't stop." Nash begged he seemed to be doing a lot of begging and it was amusing me,

I took off my pants and underwear and got on top of him.

"Are you ready?" I asked seductively.

"Yes just hurry up." Nash said impatiently,
I slowly went down on him and he moaned loudly and I did to,
Nash turned us over so he was on top of me and began to thrust,

"Nash." I moaned.

"Oh my god you so fucking good for me." Nash moaned.

After a while Nash's thrusts began to get really slow and messy I could tell he was close and he was getting weak,

" N No Nash don't get weak on me." I said out of breath.

"Oh I'm gonna cum babe." Nash moaned.

"Yeah same keep going babe." I said.

"I can't babe I'm really close." Nash told me.

I turned so Nash was under me and began to grind really slow so Nash would cum and experience every bit of it carefully,

"Oh fuck." Nash moaned as he came and I came to, I leaned down to Nash and kissed him softly then I got off him, he lay next to me.

"I missed that so bad." He said.

"Yeah you got it good this time grier." I answered.

"Every time with you is good babe." Nash leaned over and kissed me then we both got up and got dressed and I made dinner and later we had round two in the shower.

A/N I'll write more soon because I'm writing three books at the moment and it's hard so seya soon
Luvs 💕

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