part 2

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The next day, Harry wakes up quite early as usual.

The sun is starting to rise and slowly creeps through the window.

Harry looks down on him and smiles at the way that Louis' hand is resting on his lower belly.

He intertwines their fingers and closes his eyes for another minute, just taking in the way Louis' breath tickles his neck.

Even though Harry is taller than him, Louis is still wrapped around his back perfectly, just how it always has been.

He smiles and slowly turns around in Louis' grip, planting a kiss on Louis' lips.

He untangles himself from the much smaller but strong boy, being careful not to wake him up.

You see, Harry loves to get up early. Starting the day fresh in the morning with a nice run.

Louis on the other side, hates getting up before lunchtime.

That's why Harry always lets him sleep in if they don't have any appointments.

He picks out his Nike leggings, one of his 'Treat People With Kindness' jumpers and a black beanie, before plugging the earphones in and leaving the house with one last kiss to Louis' cheek.

He takes the usual road, just taking in the bright morning sun while listening to some of his favorite songs.

Louis isn't one of the running people but Harry will make sure that in the next few days, his plump ass will definitely accompany him for a run.

He will make it happen because let's be honest, Louis would never say 'no' to Harry.

After around half an hour, Harry makes his way back to their house, his limbs starting to hurt a bit.

He enters the house quietly before taking a shower.

He looks into the bedroom to see Louis still sleeping peacefully in bed.

He can't keep the grin off his face at the adorableness of his husband.

He puts on some sweatpants before going into the kitchen and making them both breakfast.

He's going to let Louis eat in bed today since he already knows that Louis won't be too happy about what's on Harry's list for today.

He makes them one of Louis' favorites, eggs and bacon.

After finishing, he puts the food and two cups of tea on the tray and brings it upstairs.

Louis is already sitting up and has a big smile on his face as Harry enters the bedroom.

"Oh you're awake" Harry says with a smile.

"Well I woke up to something smelling delicious" Louis says, already eyeing the food hungrily

"Here you go" Harry says as he puts the tray on the bed and takes a place next to Louis who immediately plants a kiss on Harry's lips and says "Good morning baby".

"Morning Sunshine" Harry answers with a blush.

Harry sometimes can't believe that even after all those years, Louis still has this effect on him.

They eat their food mostly in silence, occasionally having a bit of banter.

"So why did I have the honor to eat breakfast in bed today my love?" Louis asks after they finished.

"Well it's kinda because of the next point on my list" Harry mumbles, looking into his lap.

Louis puts his finger under Harry's chin so he looks him into the eyes.

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