Sierra Travis

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Sierra has always been one of the untouchables. With shiny credit card, her expensive clothes and extravagance. She's been someone who's been blinding to look at. Always shiny. Always bright.


Squeaky clean.

Too clean.

Sierra is one of those people who you simply cannot avoid. She's everywhere. Everyone's talking about her. New outfit, new hair, new car. They talk about what she did, where she did it and who was with her.

She's the centre of attention at all times. And you absolutely love it, don't you? You love picking her life apart and figuring her out when truly, you know absolutely nothing about her.

That's it, isn't it? You know absolutely nothing about her.

She's an enigma to you. And that's okay, because she is one to herself as well. Because you see, Sierra is not your typical girl. She's not your typical daughter. Her parents never showered her with love or appreciation.

Instead, they showered her with money and gifts. They showered her with expensive jewellery, shoes and clothes. They showered her with yachts, vacations and an unlimited allowance.

Sierra doesn't understand love. She doesn't know that's normal.

And that's why she really doesn't mind you and your mindless dissections of her.

But that's okay, isn't it?

Is it?

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