Penelope Hicks

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Penelope Hicks

This one, wow, she's beautiful. She's the kind of beauty that makes you stop and stare in the middle of a busy sidewalk, the kind who is the reason you're hit by a car because you waited too long to cross the street, the kind who sends electricity pulsing through your very marrow. She is Aphrodite personified.

And that's all she'll ever be to you because you don't see the grotesque interior she hides. You do not see the tapeworms her mother deliberately latched within her tracts. You do not see her convulsing painfully as she wretches to get the parasite out of her. You do not see how that little worm is eating away at her body, how it's robbing her of her nutrition.

You see nothing at all, and neither do you wish to you, why? Because she's a bitch. She's a moody motherfucking bitch who plays with her food just like she does with your feelings. She's just starving for the attention, craving some gossip to share with her friends, isn't she? She treats you like trash, just like she does everybody else.

But darling, don't you understand? She feeds on your misery, not on her lunch.

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