Cameron Lake

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Cameron Lake

This is the fucking bastard you convinced yourself you were absolutely, head over heels, in love with. He's the guy you spent so much of your time with, even your parents grew familiar with him. Even at school, no other girl dared lay a claim on him, because everyone knew, he was all yours.

But something changed, didn't it? He grew distant, more mysterious than he used to be, a sort of enigma. You guys didn't talk as much anymore and then, suddenly it was as if you didn't talk at all. What you had, that relationship, faded into utter nothingness before your very eyes.

And that killed you, didn't it, sweetie? That ripped your heart out and tore it to a million pieces. And your happiness crumbled right before your eyes while he went on, unscathed by the loss of your love.

How cruel he was, you told yourself but little girl, you're so innocent. No one must've told you: that's life.

People leave and you fall.

But you get up.

If you want to.

So, want to.

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