Summer Kiffer

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Summer Kiffer

Summer ruined your carefree nature. She turned you into a worrier for her. She's the kind of girl who'll convince the world she's doing okay, that she has nothing to hide. She's the kind of girl who smiles through everything life could possibly throw her way. She's the comforting girl, the one who is others' shoulder to cry on. She's the one others rely on, isn't she?

Then why, why did she choose you of all people to be her shoulder? Why did she pick someone who was as ignorant, happy-go-lucky and free as you to burden her problems onto? Why couldn't she have chosen that kid who always wears black and listens to bands? Why couldn't she have chosen the school counselor, or even her step brother? Why. Was. It. You?

You never understood why she came to you, out of the blue, one afternoon and poured her soul out. And you never will. Because no matter how stupid you may seem, angel, you are her refuge whether you like it or not. You are the only person she's not a gaunt, hollow plastic doll with.

You are the only person she exposes the shards of her broken glass heart to. And in her mind, she knows you're the only one who can piece them back together.

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