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Glass Hearts by TheNaluCenter
Glass Heartsby Nalu center!!!!
Lucy was born with the ability to see what's in people's hearts, every emotion. Love, hate, sadness, anger, jealousy, sometimes even their past. She can even see what's...
Glass Hearts by XxMiss_MayaxX
Glass Heartsby Maya Broomhall
Can't you see through their glass hearts?
Glass Hearts (Cashby) by Stormstar_the_Leader
Glass Hearts (Cashby)by Storm (Stormstar)
A sequel to This One's For You. Austin and Alan are out in the world and they have many challenges ahead of them. Will they be able to face these challenges or will the...
Glass Hearts by BroLeeee
Glass Heartsby BroLeeee
Carson has been in and out of hospitals since she was a young teen. Lewis is a guy who refuses to go visit his dying mother, and won't tell anyone why. But what happens...
His Complicated Life by LauranceIshMeh_
His Complicated Lifeby LauranceIshMeh_
A story about a boy's life from the very beginning to the end..
Plastic Problems by _screamer
Plastic Problemsby Aditi
P l a s t i c P r o b l e m s Highschool has it all. Plastic girls with plastic crowns and their plastic boyfriends. They don't care about grades. They don't worry abo...
Glass Hearts by wordstolife
Glass Heartsby Allison Lind
"Kathryn Burton is a heartless dirty rich girl who steps on people to get her way." Kathryn Burton is a seventeen year old girl who currently attends South Man...