Sarah Holmes

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Sarah Holmes

You blame Sarah for your broken friendship, don't you? Don't shake your head, sweetie. I know you do. What happened? Do you recall? Don't you remember the way all your dreams came true, you left for college and you finally dated that boy you used to pine for? Don't you remember your happiness and utter disbelief that life could actually turn out this great?

You probably don't remember everything that went down so long ago, but she does. Sarah spent those last few months trying to mend your friendship while you raged on in a new state, a new life. She sent you Christmas cards every year until you moved into that new condo. She tried calling and texting to no avail. She tried to reach out, she did. 

She tried and tried and tried

But one by one, as they do, you, and the rest of her friends left for college, got jobs and settled down.

It must've been jealousy that took birth within her. She didn't show up to parties or reunions anymore. She didn't call to hang out and neither did she invite you to her parents' funeral last year.

It's her fault, isn't it? For being envious of all her friends' lives being made while she was stuck in the same old town because she was what society called 'a black sheep'. For feeling inferior to all of you when you avoided her to meet up with newer, cooler friends. For feeling utterly useless when she attempted to salvage what was left of your friendship, only for you to stomp her hopes into dust.

Yeah, her fault. 

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