Chapter 33 Destiny

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Chapter 33

***Claudia's POV***

Let's go for a crawl? Really Claud? A crawl?

We crawled out to the beach. I stared at the churning waters in disbelief as I put the puzzle together, "Heavy rain- Check. Strong winds- Um, check. Stormy seas- check.Right season- Let's see...End of June..Check. HARRY WE'RE IN THE MIDDLE OF A HURRICANE!"

He stared at me, having an 'aha' moment of his own, "Oh no oh no oh no!"

"DO NOT PANIC!" I screamed.

"Let's go back to the cave, shall we.." He somehow managed to take my arm and lead me back- while

I hyperventilated all the way, "We're gonna DIEEE!"

I fell asleep not long after we got back, exhausted from freaking out.


***Harry's POV***

"I'm so BORED!" Claud complained for the zillionth time in the last 10 minutes. I couldn't disagree with her though- there was absolutely no source of entertainment whatsoever here.

"I know," I replied, trying hard not to sound annoyed, I'd been stuck in the cave, rarely going outside, constantly inches away from Claud, and frankly, I was going insane. I mean, she's still great and all, but imagine being in a confined space with someone 24/7. You can't help but REALLY notice their flaws. Is this what it's like to be married? Like, apparently Claud has a habit of telling you something, forgetting she told you, and telling you again. And again. And again. So far I've heard the story of when her friend's parrot pooped on Zayn 4 times... I've also discovered that her OCD about her hair diminishes when she's stranded on an island...wonder why.. But that's not really a flaw...Heck, none of her flaws are flaws. They just make her somehow even more wonderful than she already is.

If anything, through these days that I've been with her, I've fallen more and more in love with her. Wait, what?! Me, In love?! No, I don't fall in love. I'm the player, the user, the flirt. I can't hold a steady relationship. I'm not like Liam or Louis; I can't just settle down and be happy, I need to keep going, seeing new places and new women. I could never make a long distance relationship work . Never. But..maybe I could, for Claudia. I hadn't even thought about not being with Claud, about her maybe not being that serious about a relationship with me, about her saying no if I asked her out. With Zayn having reconnected with her family, he could buy her a new apartment...and Claud could go home. She could pack her bags and go home, and find a better guy than me. What if that was what she wanted? In that case, I'll have to show her that I'm the only one for her. I'd have to do is fast, too, before she moved on. I'd have to claim her as mine. We already acted like a couple, might as well make it official. She wouldn't say no, right? Right?

"Claud..," I began.

***Claudia's POV***

I felt bad, I knew I was annoying Harry by constantly informing him of my boredom. I'm sure he was bored, too.

Of course, I was annoyed by him, too. He had a tendency to fall asleep when I was talking to him. Maybe that's because I sometimes repeat myself...

He's the best though. Charming, gorgeous, and smart; he's the complete package. Ha, and he's a great kisser..

Those are just a few of the many, many things that make me love him.

Well, duh, Claud, why wouldn't you?

Am I in love with Harry Styles?

An international pop star.

That tours around the world.

And is loved by thousands of vicious fan girls.

That might very well break my heart.

And my brother disapproves of him.

Yes, yes I am.

"Claud..," Harry said, and I thought he almost sounded nervous for some reason. Probably just my imagination.

I turned to look at him. We were positioned so that we were both lying on our sides, me on my right and him on his left, eye to eye.

"Yeah?" I replied softly.

"From the moment I saw you, I knew I wanted to be more than friends. You're gorgeous, funny, sweet, I could go on for hours. My point is, you're amazing in a million ways and we already sort of act like a couple, so, uh, will you be my girlfriend?"

My breath caught in my throat. Him- Me- Girlfriend- Boyfriend- Us- AHHH! YESYESYESYES!!! Answer, stupid!

"Yes!" I answered, probably too enthusiastically, "I mean, you're cute and nice and romantic and sweet and smart and funny and caring and you have curly hair. Like, gorgeous, luscious curls. Oh, and duh, you're world famous pop sensation! Well, my brother is too, but it's different when you're DATING one! All the haters can just brush you to the side, like, "Oh, that's Zayn's sister," but when ya date one, it's like, "I AM THE CHOSEN ONE!" Which I am. 'Cause there's thousands upon thousands of girls that would literally kill for this opportunity. I'd be stupid to pass you by. If you're every girls dream, why wouldn't you be mine? But you are, you are my dream! And-" Harry finally cut me off by kissing me.

After a long moment, I pulled away to breathe.

"I should ramble more often," I said,

"You don't have to ramble for me to do that," He said, kissing me again.

He pulled away this time, smirking at me.

"You're my dream, too, babe," He pulled me into his chest "I would've kissed you sooner, but I wanted to hear what you had to say about me."

I shook my head slightly, "I don't even remember half of what I said,"

"It was something like," He started speaking in a high-pitched voice, "Oh Harry you have beautiful curls and you're my dream guy!"

I groaned, remembering now.

"It's okay, I like straight hair, too," He said, trying to run his fingers through my matted hair but getting stuck on a huge knot. EWWW!

I sat up, only minorly dizzy. Maybe my concussion was going away!

I started to run my fingers through my mess of hair, picking out the knots, Harry gently helping me.

My boyfriend helping me. Harry, my boyfriend. ERMAGAWD, I'M DATING HARRY STYLES!

***Harry's POV***

She said yes! She said yes! Shesaidyesshesaidyesshesaidyes!!!!

She said I'm her dream guy and she likes my hair!

I'm dating Claudette Malik. Wait, what's her middle name?

I looked over at my GIRLFRIEND.

"Claudy- can I call you that?"

"Zayn'll be upset cuz that's his name for me, but whatever."

"Kay. But out of curiosity, what's your middle name?"

"Why? Are you taking one of those 'Are you and your crush meant to be' tests in a teenage girl magazine?" She joked.

"Maybe..But what is it?"


"Oh my God, that's a beautiful name! Perfect, perfect, perfect! Like we're destined to be together. And you're my destiny."

She laughed lightly at me, "What's your's?"


"Like from 'Twilight'!"


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