Chapter 17 - Speechless

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As promised, Harley took me back to that long, sleek black car with tinted windows. My first thoughts were why this as the same car I had spotted multiple times outside school, but I didn't dare voice them given the current climate. That could wait. Blake was sitting by the far window, focussed intently on his phone. Occasionally, I caught him looking over to me. It was completely silent, the only company I had was the repetitive tapping of Blake's phone. My hand felt clammy, resting on my bouncing knee and I couldn't help the nervous anticipation building inside me.

After five exhaustingly slow minutes stationary, Blake gave a brief nod to the driver in the front, who caught it through the revue mirror. The engine was on and the car sped off down the bustling street.

"What about Harley?" I questioned quietly. I didn't want to overstep any boundaries but we couldn't just leave Harley here, he needed a ride back. 

My brother graced me with the smallest of glances. "We'll have someone come and collect him," he replied simply.

His Icelandic stone-cold eyes and clenched jaw told me his anger hadn't completely dissipated, so I suppressed an objection at how futile that was if we would only have to wait another five minutes for Harley.

Another five excruciatingly painful minutes passed and Blake hadn't said another word. Didn't he want to speak with me? Part of me was grateful that he might have been waiting to speak to me at home so the driver didn't listen in, but I reminded myself of that school lunch and that my brothers were evidently not above embarrassing me in front of others. The other part of me sent a prayer that, driver or not, he would get the conversation out of the way so that I could enjoy the rest of the day without the weight of anxiety dragging me down.

Two more agonising minutes. "Harley said you wanted to speak to me," I eventually muttered, looking out of the window so that I wouldn't be subjected to the inevitable glare he would give me.

I caught in the window reflection him putting his phone down and turning to face me. 

"Am I going to be speaking to the back of your head?" I heard him ask. If I was not so anxiety-ridden, I may have found his comment fairly amusing.

The rage in his voice had largely diminished and when I turned to face him my predictions were confirmed. His eyes were no longer Icelandic cold, more like a Britain-on-a-rainy-day cold. His jaw was still clenched, but I figured that was his resting expression.

"Much better," he praised patronisingly. It took a lot of patience for me not to make some equally snarky remark. "I really don't want to lecture you, Maddie. It's obvious what you did wrong, but as both Mason and Elijah are away at the moment, it is my job," he said.

I almost choked on a laugh right then and there. Just as it was obvious what I did wrong, it was also obvious that he loved the power he had been granted and there was no doubt in my mind that would include lecturing me. But I bit my tongue and accepted my fate.

"There was no reason for you not to tell Xander or Cole at lunch. I understand why you didn't, but it was stupid and irresponsible. Harley has explained the situation and I have to say, it explains a lot of the recent attitude, but god, Maddie, why didn't you just say something?" He lectured.

It quickly dawned on me that Harley must have texted Blake that I had started my period. My face reddened, the sudden warmth burning through my cheeks in hot embarrassment. If Harley was there, he would have certainly received one of my best glares. I thought I had told him in confidence, the humiliation was already eating me alive.

The question asked was clearly rhetorical as Blake continued his lecture, despite him promising he 'really' didn't enjoy it, before I could answer.

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