Chapter 1-New Heroes. New beginnings

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Hey everyone. Blaze here. I know it's been a while since I last posted and all of you have been anxious to read the new part. Well, I've been busy. My mom had surgery on the 23rd of December to remove the cancer cells in her body, and well. Today was my first free day since Christmas. And yes, you heard me right. Cancer. Back on Halloween she got diagnosed with stage 1 cancer. It's a woman cancer, not breast, i just can't remember the name right now. but she had a hysterectomy done, and now she's cancer free, she's still tired all the time, but that's ok, it's normal. So, i want to thank you all for your patience. And, enjoy the read. Excelsior.

Ixtenco, Mexico....

The camera pans out on a crop field revealing a partial destroyed statue of Mary. A black SUV then drives by fast enough to have a dust cloud follow it. It soon pulls into town as three people step out examining the wreckage.

"So, what are we doing again here Uncle Fury?" asked Y/n stepping out of the back seat of the SUV. "I do have school i need to be attending, thank you very much!" Y/n saying that last part with sarcasm very clear in his voice.

"Y/n is right Nick, this was a tragedy. But that's not why we're here, what are we doing fighting the weather now?" asked Maria as the three moved through a destroyed building. Nick turned to his nephew and partner stopping them for a second.

"Locals say the Cyclone had a face, and well i figured Y/n could punch it for us." Fury said making Maria chuckle.

"Ha ha Uncle Fury." said Y/n not amused with his uncles joke. "I wouldn't punch it, i'd shoot it."

"And on top of that, people see things when they're under stress." said Maria. "That doesn't mean this is the start to another big world thre-" Before she could finish a cloud of green smoke landed in front of the three causing them to pull out their weapons and for Y/n's suit to appear above his normal clothes. The man stood up, his helmet sliding off in similar fashion to Y/n's mask and look at the three in confusion.

"Who are you?" he asked. Before Y/n could say anything the building behind them collapsed as a man made of rock and dirt stood up roaring at the 4 in front of him, Y/n soon took to the air and blasted it only for his blast to do no damage to the titan in front of him.

"The Hell?!" Y/n was then swatted away as Nick and Maria opened fire. The man behind said S.H.I.E.L.D agents cracked his neck before stepping forward. 

"You don't want any part of this!" He then fired two green beams from his hands at the beast causing it to roar in pain before exploding. Y/n then got up lifting the rubble off of him and looked around to the the monster get destroyed.

"Who the hell is that guy?"

New York...

"I have a plan!" said Pete sitting down next to Ned. "Okay, first, I'm going to sit next to MJ on the flight. Second, I'm going to buy a dual headphone adaptor and watch movies with her the whole time."

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