Flashback 3: Birthday

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Hey Guys, i know its been awhile since i posted, but i think this will definitely make up for it. I've been keeping this one on the table for a while, and since i now leave in January for Basic training, i think its about time i finish this book before i leave, I love all you guys, and just so you guys know, i started this 2 weeks before my birthday. Mine is September 17, 2000, or in military standards 2000/09/17. Thank you all for the continued support, and i hope you all continue to read this fantastic sequel. Until then. Goodbye my friends... enjoy the read.

I remember this past birthday for me like it was yesterday, can't believe everyone showed up to it either, even some people i never expected. This is definitely one for the books.

(Birth Month)/(Birth day)/2024

New York City...

"I'm sorry Sweetheart, I know you wanted me to be there but I... I just can't this year... I'm sorry." Said Carol through Y/n's suit as he sat on top of Pete's apartment building. Y/n had a solemn look on his face knowing the universe took priority.

"I haven't seen you in months Mom, you, or Uncle Talos, and I... I just wanted to see you." Said Y/n. "But, I guess not." Carol smiled a bit.

"At least you still have your Uncle Fury, and Aunt Maria, Along with your cousin Monica..." She said trying to cheer him up. Y/n only glared at her a bit.

"It's not the same... not without you..." He said making her look down.

"Sweetheart I-"

"Forget it," Y/n said scoffing. "I'll talk to you later." Y/n then made his mothers image disappear before wiping a tear escaping his eye. Y/n then got up walking back to the fire escape slowly climbing down to the apartment he currently called home. The sunrise slowly grazing his cheeks as he shut off Pete's alarm and crawled back into bed, knowing fully that if there was school he's taking the day with Pete.

2 hours later...

Pete at this point got up and went to school, not noticing Y/n was still asleep above him left thinking he was late. Aunt May however knew better and snuck in and slowly woke the young adult up.

"Y/n... Y/n..." she sang. Y/n only grumbled and pulled the covers over his face. "Happy birthday." Y/n only turned to her, a slight glare on his face as he heard those words.

"Yaaaaaay." he said sarcastically. He then pulled the covers back over his face and fell back asleep.

"Y/n..." said May. "You okay?" Y/n shook his head slowly moving to the other side of the bed. "You excited about tonight?" Y/n only threw a pillow at her as he scooted his way to the other edge before falling down to Pete's bed and getting stuck between the wall and the bed, making May chuckle a bit. She then walked over and pulled him towards her. "C'mon lazy bum, I got breakfast for you, now... get dressed, well, before that get a shower, you stink. Get dressed and out on the table in 20 minutes." Y/n only looked at her, bags under his eyes.

"Huh?" he asked very confused. May pointed towards the door.

"Go." Y/n complied getting up with his phone and walking towards the bathroom putting on Metallica as he got into the shower.

As Y/n got out in his pajama pants and t shirt he walked over to the kitchen table and sat down just as aunt May set down a plate of (favorite breakfast) in front of him. "Happy birthday Lieutenant." Y/n smiled lightly.

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