Chapter 2- Field Trip

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Venice, Italy...

Pete and Y/n walked up to Ned and Pete was grinning ear to ear.

"Did you see me and MJ on the plane we were laughing and talking the entire time." Y/n only chuckled at his friends happiness and Ned looked unamused.

"Dude, don't worry about it, ok?" he said as a girl with blonde hair walked up next to the 3 amigos.

"Hey babe," she said to Ned as Y/n snorted his drink onto some random bystander in shock. Y/n then turned to his friends and stared at the girl in shock. "Could you hold this for me?" 

"of course," said Ned shocking the 2 boys even more. The girl then kissed Ned on the cheek and he booped her before she walked away giggling. Ned then turned to see the shocked faces on his friends. "What?" Before Pete could answer Y/n stepped forward.

"What do you mean WHAT?! When did THAT happen?!" Yelled Y/n.

"What? Me and Ashley?"

"YES!" Ned only smiled as he turned to his new girlfriend who was in line with the rest of her friends waving at Ned.

"OOOOH! Well, we started talking on the plane and well, we have a lot more in common then we realized." Ned calmly explained as Y/n's eye twitched before feeling his phone vibrate in his pocket. Y/n soon pulled it out as Pete and Ned continued to talk. y/n then walked away and answered the phone.

"Hey Wanda, good to hear from you, we just landed." he said. He soon heard a chuckle from his girlfriend on the other end.

"Yes, well i just landed myself, are you sure its okay for us to meet up here in Venice?" she asked slightly worried from the worlds view on her.

"I'm sure," said Y/n in a calming voice. "People see you as a true hero now for what we did back in New York." Y/n's thoughts then drifted to Pete and Nat and the last words they said to him. His thoughts were then brought away from Pete tapping his shoulder.

"Y/n, you okay?" asked Pete.

"Yeah, i'm fine... I'll meet you at the hotel." Pete only nodded as Y/n turned back to his phone. "Were at gate 8, I'll meet you at the entrance." Wanda just laughed at her boyfriends eagerness to see her.

"Okay, I'll talk to you in a bit." And with that the two hung up their phones and continued on.

"I thought I told you to blend in... Uncle Fury?" Y/n then just turned to his right to see Fury sitting at a coffee table, one leg crossed with the other and an Italian newspaper in his hand.

"What have i told you, about being discreet?" said Fury leaning forward and resting on his hand.

"Says the one dressed in all black and wears an eye patch." countered Y/n. Fury then smiled and Y/n laughed as the two hugged each other. "It's really good to see you Uncle Fury. Let me guess, you want Pete?" Fury nodded. Y/n the grabbed a marker and wrote an address on Fury's newspaper before patting him on the shoulder and jogging towards the exit.





Outside Wanda sat on a bench, letting the breeze hit her face as she waited for Y/n. "Wanda..." A voice called out. Wanda shot up and looked around knowing the voice before seeing a red figure in the crowd of people.

"Vision?" she questioned before the figure disappeared.

"Find me Wanda... Find me-"

"Wanda?" Wanda jumped and turned to see Y/n standing there, a worried look on his face. "Are you okay?" asked Y/n. Wanda then turned back to the crowd.

"Yes? Yes I'm fine.." she stated, "C'mon, let's go, we'll be late for the gandala. Wanda then pulled Y/n towards the fiorde as he screamed in protest.








Two hours later...

the couple sat on an outside table laughing as Y/n told his story. "And as I was distracting Fisk's men, Pete swung under him and punched him down to the second floor, QUIPPING! Quipping! Can you believe that babe?"Wanda only shook her head at her boyfriends story.

"Yes I do believe that, he's only just a teenager." she said.

"Yeah, a teen with the same mind as To... Tony." Wanda placed her hand on his.

"Hey... It's okay to talk about him, i know he was like a father to you." Y/n only nodded, before  noticing the ground shake and people scream. The couple looked to their left to see a water giant near the bridge. Y/n then turned to his backpack pulling out a silver star.

"Wanda go, get them to safety," Y/n then handed her the bag and lightly pushed her to the crowd.

"What about you?!" Y/n then kissed her before smirking. 

"I gotta date with big blue and ugly, meet you in 20 minutes at the clock tower!" Y/n then turned placing the silver star on his chest tapping it twice and running into the Frey. His suit slowly forming around him as he ran forward before jumping into the air blasting towards the water giant. "Cannonball!" he yelled as his mask formed around his face before punching it to the other side of the river. The creature then got up and roared at the young lieutenant. "C'mon big guy! Wanna piece of me, I'll show you what happens when you mess with may date!" Y/n then flew towards the thing blasting it with his photon blasts.

On the ground Pete's classmates ran towards the clock tower as Flash live streamed the whole thing on Instagram before noticing Y/n fighting the titan. "IS THAT LIEUTENANT MARVEL?! WE'RE SAVED!" he yelled as Pete jumped towards Y/n with a makeshift mask on his face.

"This trip is starting out just great!" said Pete jumping off the bridge towards Y/n.

Well guys... i know its been a while, hope you all are staying safe during this tough time, you guys are probably wondering where I've been, well... i work at dollar general, which is considered essential. And I've gotten some free time to work on this, and until this whole thing is said and done with, i dont know when ill have free time, but ill try when im off. until then thanks for the patience and for the continued support. Until next time, excelsior...

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