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"Quill!! Get out here now!" yelled Y/n standing in front of the milano. "Get out here or I'll come in there and drag your ass out myself." His left arm still wrapped in a cast from when he snapped. The door to the milano soon opened only for a fat Thor to appear instead.

"FRIEND DANVERS!!!" Yelled Thor happily as he stepped out.

"Thor?" asked Y/n. "Where's Quill, and what are you doing here? Shouldn't you be i don't know?... Playing Fortnite with Korg and Meek?"

"Well... i'm actually leaving earth... and as for your Fath-" Thor only received a glare from the young Kree. "Quill i mean. I do believe is hiding from your Wrath... Along with Rabbit." Thor and Y/n then turned back towards the Milano to see Nebula carrying out the two in Question, both screaming in protest.

"Here..." she said. "Do with them as you please. I'll be in the ship." she then tossed the two down and walked away. Rocket stood up and smiled at his Kree friend.

"You thought you could leave without saying Goodbye, didn't you?" asked Y/n smirking at his friend. Rocket only shook his head and walked towards the Kree warrior giving him a hug. 

"I'm gonna miss you kid." he said. Y/n with his one good arm hugged the alien raccoon smiling.

"Yeah... I'm gonna miss you too." The two broke the hug to notice Quill trying to sneak back onto the ship. "And where do you think you're going?" Quill froze in place and turned to his son chuckling lightly. "I don't like you." said Y/n. "And i don't think i ever will." Y/n walked towards the leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy his eyes lightly glowing only to stop in front of him. "But that doesn't mean we can't be allies." Y/n held his hand out for Quill to shake only for his father to hesitate. "I won't throw you off the cliff..." Quill then took his sons hand and shook nodding at him. "This time that is." Quill instantly let go and backed away.

"You're exactly like your mother you know that kid?!" yelled Quill. Y/n put a hand on his shoulder smirking lightly.

"Yeah, i know." he said. Quill saw the smirk and only thought of himself at Y/n's age, giving the same smirk to Yondu before a job. "Now get out of here... We'll call if we need anything." Quill only nodded as him, Rocket and Thor made their way onto the ship. "And another thing Quill." The man turned to face his son one last time as the door to the milano closed slowly. "You may be my father but you're not my Dad..." Quill only thought of the last thing Yondu said to him when he heard his son say that. The milano then took off leaving Y/n on the side of the Norwegian cliffs only with his thoughts.

"That wasn't so hard now was it?" Y/n turned to see his mother standing behind him, only 10 feet away from him. Y/n only chuckled as he walked to his mother. 

"No... it wasn't... I don't see what i get from him though?" Carol only laughed at her son. "What?! I don't, other than my love of old earth music." countered Y/n as he held his chin.

"That!" said Carol "You get from him and your uncle." Y/n only smiled at the thought of his uncle.

"I do get a lot of things from uncle Fury don't I?" asked Y/n. Both him and his mother laughed together as they walked towards a Quin-jet with a waiting Peter and May Parker. "Do i have to stay?" asked Y/n turning to his mother. Carol only held her arm as she looked away.

"It was your idea... I should be asking you if you have to stay." said Carol. Y/n only sighed hugging his mother.

"Well... I can't get out of it now... Peter and his aunt already told me they'd let me stay at their place." Carol only nodded. "That and Uncle Fury got the paperwork filled out." Carol held her sons cheek rubbing it slightly.

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