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Pete: Everywhere i go i see his face.

Pete looked over at a painting of Tony in his mark 7 armor, luetinent Marvel standing next to him.

Pete: I just really miss him.

Happy: Yeah I do too.

The camera shows Y/n, Happy, and Pete on a plane, tears running down Pete's face.

Happy: I don't think Tony woul've done what he did, if he didn't know you two weren't going to be here after he was gone.

The camera cuts to Y/n and Peter in the iron spider suit fighting criminals in a fancy restaurant, ending with Pete webbing the criminals to the ceiling with a web grenade.

Cop: so one of you going to be the next Iron man now?

Y/n: We don't have time. We're to busy doing your guy's jobs.

Cops: Whoa/What?

Pete: He's kidding. Look, you guys keep up the good work, because WE'RE going on Vacation!

Camera cuts showing Peter and Y/n flying/web-slinging through New York as Peter is texting on his phone.

Y/n: Head's up! Uncle Fury's Calling you.

Peter and Y/n turn to Pete's bag to where his phone vibrates. Pete then turns to Happy, a solemn expression on his face.

Pete: I don't really want to talk to Nick Fury.

Happy/Y/n: Answer the phone.

Pete: Why?

Happy: Because if you don't talk to him then i'm going to have to talk to him, and i don't want to talk to him.

Pete then flashes his phone in front of Y/n's and Happy's faces while pressing the reject button on his phone.

Y/n: Did you just send my uncle to voice mail?

Pete: Y/n we got to go!

The two go to leave, making Happy lose his cool.

Happy: You do not ghost Nick Fury!

The camera cuts to mj walking up to Pete, Ned, and Y/n.

Mj: what up dorks?

Pete: We're just talking about the trip.

Ca,era cuts to them on a plane then going around Venice, Italy.

Flash: I'm here in St. Marco Polo— ohhhs

One of Pete's classmates run by punching flash in the balls. Then cuts to Pete stairing at Mj.

Pete: I think Mj really likes me.

Ned: Reminds me of when i first fell in love.

Ned then gets hit in the neck with a Trank dart. Pete turns around to see Y/n in his suit standing next to Fury.

Fury: You're a very difficult person to contact Spider-Man.

Fury looks over to Pete with his one eye.

The camera cuts to the three going into the sewage system with Pete in his suit that Tony made.

Pete then takes off his mask as they walk into Fury's HQ.

Fury: This is Mr. Beck

Y/n and Pete shake Mysterio's hand before looking back over to Fury.

Beck: We could use someone like you on my world.

Pete: Your World?

Fury stands up and circles the two hero's.

Fury: Beck is from earth. Just not ours. The snap tore a hole through our dimension.

The camera cuts to the fights with the elemental's from the past week.

Pete: You're saying there's a multiverse?!

Fury: We have a job to do. And you're coming with us. Y/n already signed on.

This Summer

The camera shows the water elemental going through Venice. Pete turns just to see a huge explosion in the water destroying boats.

Pete: There's got to be someone else you could use. What about Thor?

Fury: Off world.

Pete: Y/n what about your mom?

Y/n: Unavailable.

Then shows the lava elemental on the side of a building and Mj looking up at it.

Pete: Look, i'm just a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man!

Fury and Y/n look at him in disbelief.

Fury: Bitch please, you've been to space.

The camera then cuts to Pete in his new stealth suit.

The camera then shows Mysterio flying through London before taking on the water elemental.

Beck: What do you want Peter?

The camera shows Mj and Pete walking along a bridge together.

Pete: I want to go back on my trip with the girl I really like. And tell her how i feel.

Pete: Mj, i—

Mj: Am Spider-Man.

Pete looks at her in shock.

Pete: No of course not!

Mj: It's kinda obvious.

The camera then shows all the Elementals together over the London bridge.

Beck: You're right. You may not be ready, but this is my responsibility.

The camera then shows Mysterio with his helmet on charging up his attacks.

Beck: Saving the world requires sacrifice.

The camera then shows cars and bus's being blown up as Ned and his girlfriend run through the destruction hand in hand.

Beck: Sometimes people die.

It then shows beck launching his attacks towards one of the elementals, before cutting to a green explosion before showing Peter taking off Tony's glasses.

Pete: Oh my god.

It then shows Peter swinging around a steeple in his new suit just before a pilar gets blown up.

Pete: I'm putting my friends in danger.

The camera then shows his friends running around the London bridge while lightning strikes around them blowing up cars.

Pete: The world needs the next Iron-Man!

The camera shows Pete, Y/n, and Happy on a plane as Pete and Y/n create new suits while Happy is smiling at them. It then shows Mysterio charge up an attack and fly towards an Elemental.

Y/n: Are you going to step up or let Tony die in vein?

It then shows Pete looking at a painting of Iron-Man. Pete then smiles. It then cuts to Pete and Y/n taking on the lava elemental, ending with Pete running up a building and flipping over the elemental while Y/n punches the thing in the face.

Spider-Man: Far From Home

The camera shows a jet fling in and landing just before Happy gets out and run's towards Pete's and Y/n's classmates.

Happy: I got to get you guys out of here! Get on the jet!!

Mj: Who are you?

Happy: I work with lieutenant Marvel and Spider-Man!

Flash steps forward, happiness flashing in his eyes.

Flash: You work for Spider-Man. And lieutenant Marvel?!

Happy: I work with them not for them! Now!

Happy doesn't get to finish before his jet get's blown up from Y/n being thrown through it and landing next to them

Happy: NEW PLAN!!

Happy then takes the kids to safety.

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