Let's Get This Bread

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Your name is SOLLUX CAPTOR, you are a GOLD BLOOD with PSICONICS or HOWEVER YOU ACTUALLY SPELL THAT. You ARENT SURE, and DONT CARE. People understand you anyways. You have a LISP and talk 2orta liike thii2, and liike two make ca2ual two pun2, bc iif you don't, you wiill DIIE. You have been on a INTERSTELLAR SHIP with your 11 OTHER FRIENDS but you DIDNT MEAN TO GET STUCK HERE. It's been about 5 days on this ship, and everyone is already in a heated environment. Personally, you don't really care, you're more thinking about THE MAN WHO PUT YOU ON THIS THING, and if he's ACTUALLY ALIVE. When you saw him taking THE QUEEN HEAD ON, you were amazed. It takes REAL GUTS to STAND UP TO THE MOST POWERFUL TROLL ON ALTERNIA. Not even YOU WOULD DO THAT. You can't even fathom him being alive, but you SECRETLY WISH HE WAS, because you have MANY QUESTIONS.

The ship you are on is currently headed for THE MILKYWAY GALAXY, as it is THE NEAREST TO YOU. At your CURRENT SPEED it would take WAY TOO FUCKING LONG to get there. You would MAKE IT GO FASTER using your POWERS, but KARKAT HAS BEEN MOPING because he is WORRIED ABOUT THETTA. If you are honest, YOU ARE TOO, but you WONT ADMIT THAT. Instead you refuse to make you guys go faster because you BOTH WANT TO SEE IF HE SHOWS UP SOMEHOW. You want to know if HES ALIVE AND OKAY, because you know if HE DIDNT ESCAPE, HE WOULD DIE. Or WORSE. You don't want to think about WHAT THEY MIGHT DO TO HIM. You REALLY HOPE YOU SEE HIM AGAIN, if not for your sake, FOR HIS.

You have MANY NERVOUS HABITS, and A LOT OF THEM HAVE BEEN SHOWING because you are VERY STRESSED. This whole thing is VERY STRESSFUL. You could have DIED ON ALTERNIA had that RUSSIAN BASTARD not decided to JACK HIS COMPUTER. He DIDNT EVEN FUCKING KNOW YOU, yet he SAVED YOUR ASS. ALL OF YOUR ASSES. And he knew ONLY KARKAT. And you WERENT SO NICE TO HIM. And now HE MIGHT BE DEAD. You are starting to HAVE SOME REGRETS, but you're HOLDING YOUR TONGUE just in case he COMES BACK. Your friend Karkat is PASSED OUT AT THE CONTROLS. He's sitting in one of the two chairs at the front by the ships MAIN CONTROLS. There's a BIG WINDOW that STARES AT THE MILKY WAY, but there ISNT MANY STARS ANYMORE. You find yourself STANDING BY THE DOOR OF THE SHIP. You LINKED HANDS WITH ALL YOUR FRIENDS and JUMPED IN while Thetta piloted it FROM THE GROUND. It TOOK OFF WITHOUT HIM, and he STAYED BEHIND. You stare out the door window, almost wishing that HE WOULD BE OUT THERE. The ship is A LOT BIGGER ON THE INSIDE THAT IT SHOULD BE. This confuses you, but that's THE LEAST OF YOUR WORRIES.

You look over at your friend Karkat, still sleeping. He's been OUT COLD for a while now, but that's because he was UP FOR A FEW DAYS because he REFUSED TO SLEEP. You go to walk over to CHECK UP ON HIM, knowing that he's ALIVE, but STILL WANTING TO MAKE SURE. As you take a step, you hear a knock on the door that makes your eyes go wide. You look back over at the door, and out the window you see something, or rather someone. You could tell right away it was Thetta, because even though his face was covered, you knew that horn shape. It was bizarre to you, his horns. You slammed a big red "OPEN" button to let him in, almost glaring at him. You step away from the door, as there is a zone near it marked by a yellow line. Walls come down on the line and the door opens. The air lock area whistled loudly as the air that WAS there got sucked out into the vacuum of space before the door shut. The airlock pressurized again before opening slowly. You stare at the walls as they come up, and then stare at the Russian stranger as he took his helmet off. He grins at you with a sharp toothed grin, the same huge goofy smile he adorned around karkat. His hair was all messy, though it's style was already just long, carelessly tossed around hair that came just to his shoulders, it was just MORE messy this time you saw him. He's smiling at you, and his eyes tell you he feels fine, but you do notice a few scrapes on his cheek. Why you're looking so closely at him, you have NO CLUE. Nor do you REALLY CARE at the moment. You can tell his space suit was specially made for him.

"Ах- привет- hullo! Thank you for let me i-"
You slap him across the face and hiss at him, very angry suddenly.

"THAT2 for not telliing u2 a FUCKIING THIING. What the FUCK! WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU!"
You throw your arms in the air, ready to start cussing him out. Thetta frowned a little when you slapped him, and rubbed his cheek, but quickly put a hand on your shoulder as you started to get visibly upset, although you were trying to mask it. When he touched you, even through the suit you could feel an energy to him, a sort of tingly, electric feeling to him. It's basically in the air as well as you stand next to him. You're numb to your own energy that comes off you, just for the fact that you're BOTH BATTERIES basically, so you're UNAWARE of the vibes you are giving him right now. He just puts your arms down and gives you a gentle, but stern look.

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