Fishy Friends?

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Your name is ERIDAN AMPORA, you are a SEA DEWLER and we're born INTO ROYALTY BECAUSE OF YOUR HOME PLANETS OBSESSION WITH BLOOD COLOUR. Because of this fact, you are KIND OF AN ASSHOLE, because YOU WERE RAISED TO BE ONE. With a SILVER SPOON IN YOUR MOUTH AT BIRTH, it would have been DAMN WELL NEAR IMPOSSIBLE to NOT GROW UP THE WAY YOU DID. It probably also DIDNT HELP THAT YOUR PLANET HAD ONLY KIDS. Any and ALL ADULTS would be sent off to work in the queens army. Because of your blood colour, you were probably going to be a WAR GENERAL or something like that. You were SORT OF EXCITED FOR THAT, as it sounded FUN, but now that will NEVER HAPPEN. You are stuck on a SPACE SHIP THATS IN THE MIDDLE OF NO WHERE, heading REALLY FUCKING FAST towards EARTH, a new planet in a NEW GALAXY, as your old one is AT WAR NOW. You never thought that you would be FLEEING FROM WAR, but NOT EVERYTHING GOES THE WAY YOU THINK IT WILL. Hurdling through space with your friends and a STRANGER isn't how you thought you would spend KARKATS BIRTHDAY, OR ANY DAY AFTER THAT. You are sure you will NEVER SEE HOME AGAIN, and that MAKES YOU KIND OF SAD. You hope your LUSUS IS OKAY, but at this point, you assume that EVERYONE ON THE PLANET SHOULD BE DEAD BY NOW, as you ARENT THERE TO KILL LUSI FOR FEFERIS LUSUS TO EAT. Because she's TOO PASSIVE to do it herself, and NOT WANTING TO DIE, OR ANY OF YOUR FRIENDS, you TOOK IT UPON YOURSELF TO FEED IT, as IF YOU DIDNT, when her lusus started to speak, it would FOR SURE KILL ALL THE TROLLS FROM LOWEST BLOOD TO HIGHEST. You sort of FEEL BAD for having to do that, BUT A FEW LUSUSLESS TROLLS IS BETTER THAN MANY DEAD ONES. You suppose in that sense, you ARENT THAT BAD, because you could have VERY WELL FORCED HER TO DO IT HERSELF, but a KIND QUEEN IS A GOOD QUEEN. You think. All you know is that YOU HAD TO DO WHAT YOU HAD TO DO. Proud of your actions or not, you have NO IDEA how you could have done it otherwise. You HAD TO DO IT. You HAD TO KILL THOSE LUSI, there was NO OTHER WAY to keep it fed without GIVING FEF SHIT AND FORCING HER TO DO IT HERSELF. Not like you EVER WANT TO FORCE THAT ON HER. That would be THE WORST THING TO DO. Even you have STANDARDS. You rather KILL THAN MAKE YOUR FRIENDS DO IT. You know the position you're in LETS YOU DO KILL WITHOUT MUCH BACKLASH. So despite some of your urges, YOU WONT ACTUALLY HURT ANY TROLL TOO BADLY. You rather not hurt people if you DONT HAVE TO, but your status and reputation is SORT OF HARD TO KEEP WHEN YOU ARENT THE RUTHLESS ASSHOLE EVERYONE CALLS YOU. You THINK you're not that asshole. You. HOPE you're not that asshole. You really do.

The last few weeks on the ship have been VERY TENSE, with everyone getting angry at each other, or BREAKING DOWN. You have been TRYING TO STAY OUT OF IT FOR THE MOST PART, because you already know you're not ENTIRELY WELCOME THERE, but you're probably liked MORE THAN VRISKA. You ARENT NOSEY, but just WHINEY AND DESPERATE for love and affection. Not knowing WHAT TO DO or HOW TO ACT ANYMORE, you like to stay in the POOL ROOM, which isn't THAT BIG, and probably ONLY THERE FOR SEA DWELLERS, and you also like to hang out IN THE SHOWERS, because it's VERY MISTY AND FOGGY IN THERE, WARM, and HAS A WARM TUB IN THE VERY BACK. You think that this room is the main water recycling room, and this is where it's all kept until it's used. There's an AVAILABLE WATER LEVEL in the room, and a BENCH SO YOUR STUFF DOESNT GET WET AND YOU DONT NEED TO WALK AROUND STARK NAKED. You REALLY LIKE THE SHOWERS because you find it EASY TO BREATHE IN THERE because of your GILLS THAT LET YOU BREATHE UNDER WATER. You also love how WARM IT IS IN THERE. You like to SPEND HOURS IN THE WARM TUB and THINK TO YOURSELF. In fact, you are HEADING TOWARDS THE SHOWERS RIGHT NOW. You were in the main room everyone set up to HANG OUT IN so no one is WANDERING OFF TOO FAR and so you can all TALK WHENEVER. You believe it would be called a COMMON ROOM.

You are walking down the hall with your clothes in your arms and a towel around you, stopping at the sealed door leading to the showers. How this ship works is a mystery to you, but you wouldn't doubt its VERY COMPLICATED. You hit the OPEN button and walk right in, putting your clothes and towel down on the bench as the door closes behind you, feeling the water already stick to your skin and the air warm you up. Water droplets cling to your gills, making you feel like you're getting a lot more air than others would had they been in here. Though if there is someone in here, you wouldn't be able to tell because of how foggy it is.

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