Chapter 3

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"Wait Luke, can we speak for a minute?" The doctor calls.

"Oh um. Yes, Sir." I answer back.

"Tina has pretty much forgotten everything. Her family, her friends, maybe even how to take care of herself. Do you think you could take her in and help her. For a few months at least."

Living with Tina would be a big responsibility.

"The only reason why I'm asking you specifically because you're the only person she remembers and most likely to be comfortable around." He explains.

"Yes. I would do anything to help Tina out." I Smile.

"Good, but this is a big responsibility. You have to take her to her appointments, give her her medication, and protect her." He says.

"Of course." I assure. He smiles at me.

"I'll give her few more checkups and have her departed and ready for pickup Thursday."

"Ok thank you sir" I say.

"No thank you."


When I get home I look around to see where Tina can stay. I have four bedrooms and three bathrooms. She can have the guest room and the bathroom attached. I tell Tony about living arrangements and he says he'll pack her things and drop her off when she gets out.

Time skip to Thursday

There's a knock at the door and I know it's Tony and Tina.
I open the door and see Tina. Her face lights up when she sees me and smiles. I smile back.

"Well I gotta get going. Take care of my sister, Luke." Tony shakes my hand.

"Don't worry i will." I assure him. He smiles at me and turns to Tina.

"See ya, Sis." He hugs her kisses her cheek before leaving.

Tina looks around and places her bag on the couch.

"Well welcome to my humble abode." I say with open arms.

"Wow!" She says in amazement.

"Yeah it's pretty big."

"How did you afford all of this?" She ask

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"How did you afford all of this?" She ask.

"Well I've always been pretty smart for my age. I was offered a scholarship and graduated college at 17." I explain.

"That's cool. You're place is gorgeous." She complements

"You said that the first time you came." I chuckle. She looks at me.

"What do you mean? I've been here before?" She ask.

"Yeah, you have." She turns away and looks out the giant window.

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