Chapter 1

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"I never meant for this to happen. I'm so sorry Tina." I mumble. I stare at her unconscious body. Clutching on to her limp hand.
Ever since we left middle school, Tina's memory hasn't been the best. In 8th grade she was diagnosed with dementia. She forgets things in 5 minutes or less.
She still remembers us and her parents because we've been with her forever.

I look out the car window at the setting sun. Tina asked me to take her to her psychiatrist since the other two are busy.

She finally comes out. She runs down the side walk on her toes clearly excited. When she hops in the car, I can see her holding a notepad and pencil.

"So how was it?" I ask cranking up the car.

"Great and my doctor found a way for me to remember things." Her face is fixed in a smile and her eyes sparkle with excitement.

"Oh how so?"

"Writing notes"

"Don't you do that already?" I chuckle.

"Yeah, but this is about people. Every time I meet someone I'll write them in here along with ten things about them."

"Ok what about me?"

"Ok...Luke..." she taps the pencil against her lips in thought.

"Ooo" she scribbles my name at the top of the page.

"Nickname: Unicorn
Age: 17
Favorite color: purple
Hair color: pink
Eyes: grey" she writes.

"Just so I can identify you if I forget. I did the same for Goldy and Ryan."

My smile drops a little in the thought of her forgetting me. We've been through so much together. She's one of my best friends. She's like family considering I don't know where most of mine is.

"Ten things I like about you" she writes '1.' On the page.

"Well I like the way your nose and ears turn red when you're embarrassed or telling a lie. Super cute!" A smile plasters her face as she writes it down.

"2. You like to paint your nails black and white."

"3. You have amazing dad jokes"

"4. You like cuddles after a long or hard day"

"How do you know that one?" I ask

"It shows." She chuckles.

"5. I like that-AHHH!!!"

Right as she starts to write down her fifth note a car runs a red light swerving into our lane. I close my eyes, bracing for the impact. I feel the car hit us and we tumble for a moment. The airbags pop out crushing the windshield.

I open my eyes and see the car on its side. Tina was knocked out with blood pouring down her head and glass in her arm. I was bleeding too, but not as bad as her.

I unbuckle her seat and open the door on her side, pushing her body out that side to try and save her first. I crawl out after and take us away from the burning car.

Sirens blare in the background as many people stop to see what happens. Our car hits another causing a domino effect. Tina was still holding on to the notepad. Her breath was steady but was bleeding out fast.

Three ambulances and two police cars pull up to the scene. Two paramedics immediately come over with a stretcher. I carefully place Tina on it and I follow them as they take her in the ambulance.

The nurse asks me a few a questions about her health, who to call, whatever. They patch up the cut on her head and my arm.

It finally hits me on what just happened. Tina and I got in a crash. She's knocked out. She could be in a coma. She could be dead. And it's my fault.

"I never meant for this to happen. I'm so sorry Tina." I mumble. I stare at her unconscious body. Clutching on to her limp hand.

And that's my new story. Hope you enjoyed because I'm really excited. Like I said I'm trying to get my shit together and my schedule for this will be Saturday and maybe Tuesday idk. Now I'm going to sleep because I'm tired. Until next time...Bye! -Spacie_boii

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