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Magenta Jacket Feelings (Ryan x Nova) by Stendaa
Magenta Jacket Feelings (Ryan x No...by YerPalCalledSal
From strangers, to aquaintences, to arch enemies, to bros with a freindly rivalry, what is the one relationship that these two haven't had that doesn't involve bloodline...
Never Forget You (Ryguyrocky Fanfic) Discontinued by EveryKindOfNerd_13
Never Forget You (Ryguyrocky Fanfi...by I'mAWeeb
Its been 10 years since Tina moved away and Ryan has been missing her everyday since. When she does return he is excited to find that Tina has not forgotten about him. S...
Please Stay With Me (Minecraft Daycare Oneshots) by Honorchior
Please Stay With Me (Minecraft Day...by Honorchior
"Welcome to another day at Daycare!" From shipping #Tyan to making plans to go through the portal when the speaking kids aren't looking, this Daycare is full o...
Ryguyrocky Daycare fanfic by bluemoon030
Ryguyrocky Daycare fanficby Ruby
In addition to Ryan, Tina, Goldy, Sabre, and Unicornman I'll also be having Percy and other oc's! This will be my second book so I hope you enjoy!
A Broken Tiger by starmario552
A Broken Tigerby The Puppeteer
Have you ever felt the if you told somebody a secret that you would live to regret it? Well for Tina that's reality if she were to tell anybody it would wipe any trace o...
Shocking Realization (Goldycorn au)  by ArtAngle713
Shocking Realization (Goldycorn au...by ArtAngle713
(COMPLETE) People have their disagreements, it's human nature. All that Goldys over wanted was for Tina to like her for once. But what happens when Tina pushes her to he...
Ryguyrocky Oneshots by IronDaMan
Ryguyrocky Oneshotsby Drum
Hey, doods and doodettes!!! This is an oneshots book for Ryguyrocky, and I'll be taking comments for what YOU want to see!
More than just a friend (Ryan x Tina) ✔ by GirlwithSecrets_
More than just a friend (Ryan x Ti...by GirlwithSecrets_
Ryguyrocky fanfic (Completed) Ryan and Tina rule over their daycare. Through their adventures with their friends: Cookie, Sabre, Shark, Goldy, and Unicorn man, they make...
Alicorn in the forest (GoldyCorn) by Raning_Starrz
Alicorn in the forest (GoldyCorn)by Raining Starrz
Goldy wanted to explore the forest at the edge of the town.. people would always say that there was a very strange figure in the forest that had bright glowing white eye...
10 Years Later... by Crystal_Sakura245
10 Years Later...by Crystal Sakura
10 years have passed since Ryan, Tina, Goldy, and Unicorn have left daycare and lost touch...but when they arrive at middle school, they realize that many things have ch...
Minecraft Daycare by GreenBat05
Minecraft Daycareby Green Bat
A new kid got transferred to a new daycare and meant some new people. (Go cheek out Ryguyrocky daycare series because without that I would not create this.) (We are teen...
This is just a book of the children I made for the ships I like like Jelix, Stucky, Roni all that lot. If u guys want I can do this can also be a oneshot book that are f...
Ask or dare me/ the daycare kids by GokuvioletPlayz
Ask or dare me/ the daycare kidsby Gokuviolet Playz
ask or dare me and I will (most likely) do them
Mini stories (ryguyrocky) by Lonely_Dreamer14
Mini stories (ryguyrocky)by Lonely_Lesley
So I notice that most ryguyrocky books are mostly just goldycorn books and it not that i have a problem with it, it just that I like to see more Tyan stories and I most...
~Lovely Day at Daycare~ (Minecraft daycare fan story) by Akiwi_
~Lovely Day at Daycare~ (Minecraft...by Mercy May
This is the story of Grace and her life living in the world of Daycare. This is just my OC Grace added into and living in Ryguyrockys Daycare series. I dont see a lot of...
Just a random art book of mine! Used to do commisions but now I feel I need to improve on my art and improve my drawing schedule before I do those again But hope you enj...
Ryan X Reader (Minecraft Day Care) by ramdomweebgirl
Ryan X Reader (Minecraft Day Care)by theweirdperson
Y/N is a new person at the daycare she just moved to town when she goes in a boy with blue clothes got her eye but a tiger girl sees and this might not end well for them...
The Tiger's Puppy (MinecraftDaycare: TinaTheTiger x FemaleDogHybridOc) by TheFandomFreak25
The Tiger's Puppy (MinecraftDaycar...by TheFandomFreak25
Avery is an orphan that lives at the daycare. She is best friends with Goldy and is always targeted by Tina and the Slingshot Squad. But before Avery became Goldy's best...
My tiger~ Goldy x tina by MiaMalloy9
My tiger~ Goldy x tinaby Dark wolf
I'm not add safer but I'm replacing him with my oc Hailey no pictures I have are mine they belong to there rightful owner