Chapter 13

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There she was looking more beautiful than the last time I saw her, I mean what was I expecting that things would have been bad for her after the divorce. Right since she had nowhere to go, I mean her parent practically disowned her, her brother did not even listen to her, I for one chased her out of my house and I know she had some friends but most of her female friends always tried to seduce me, she always caught them flirting with me and I did not like any of her male friends, yea call me jealous but I don't care I loved that woman and I still do.....
But she still trusted me and stopped been friends with them or hanging out with people she meets, when I will ask why she was always alone when am out she will say "I don't have a lot of friends and I don't need them that much since most of them are trying to get into your pant" she would say glaring at me, like it my fault she married someone as handsome as me.

Her speech was good, what am I saying it was great "like I was even listening to what she was saying  '' smirks. I was busy staring at her, her lips, her body call me a pervert, I don't care. Gosh, she was just so beautiful, I could not stop staring at her, I mean she got bigger in the right places if you know what I mean.....
I couldn't take it anymore after her speech I approached her while she was talking to her sister I was nervous, what was I even going to say to her, so I said the first thing that came to my mind
"You look beautiful Raven"
After my speech I was busy talking to my sister I was so happy for her then I heard someone behind me saying "you look beautiful Raven".

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