Chapter 19

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    (Name)'s POV

  I walked down the hall where Slender Man told me to find Eyeless Jack.

  And sure enough... I found his room. It was a blue door with the name "Eyeless Jack" carved into the door frame, in sloppy hand writing.

  I knocked three times before I got a response.

  "Come in." Eyeless Jack said in his monotone voice, that kind of sounded irritated. I opened the door slowly and I looked around. Then I spotted Eyeless Jack on his bed, reading a book about human organs.

  'Interesting... but gross at the same time' I thought.

  Eyeless Jack slowly looked up from his book, "Oh, it's you, (Name). What do you need?" He slowly puts his book on his bed and waited for me patiently.

  "Well... Slender Man told me that... I'm going to be a Creepypasta. And he said that I need to do a "procedure" in order for me to become one. So, I accepted, and then he told me to find you so that you can help him with the operation." I said nervously.

  I can tell Eyeless Jack is surprised. But, also had trouble forming words. "Wha- whe- how did-... that's great! At least it's someone who isn't annoying as Jeff, BEN, LJ, or any other Pasta in the mansion." This time, it was my turn to be surprised by his reaction.

  "Wait... you're not mad or irritated?" I asked in surprise.

  He shook his head 'no' slowly, "Actually no... I'm happy for you. Not many people get picked to be a Creepypasta like us. Slender must've chosen you because he senses something special in you."

  "But why? I see nothing special in myself." I sigh, looking down at the ground. Eyeless Jack stood up, walked over to me, and put at hand on my shoulder. "Look... you might not think that there's something special in you, but Slender does. Even some of the Pasta's too. So, don't underestimate yourself as well as Slender Man and any other Creepypasta's, ok? Just believe in yourself."

  I slowly looked up at his mask, tearing up a little. His shoulders jumped up and down, indicating he's laughing at me. He wiped my tears away and I gave him a hug, which cause him to freeze in surprise. But then, he slowly melted into the hug. "Thank you, Eyeless Jack. You're the best." I mumbled into his neck, which caused him to shiver slightly. He chuckled, "You're welcome, and please... call me EJ."

  We both pulled away from the hug and I smiled at him, nodding my head shyly, while blushing madly. But, it slowly faded away when EJ said something.

  He sighed, clapping his hands together, getting my attention, "Alright... shall we go to my lab and transform you into a Creepypasta?" He smirked.

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