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This stroy contains; sexual scenes, cuss words, r-rated drama and themes. For mature audiences only.

Part of the Saxondale Series


It is written that in the nineteenth hundreds there was a powerful witch name Amelia. Born innocent and naïve, Amelia was a kind hearted girl. She lived for fun and was always playing around. She was not that beautiful, but she had an inner beauty which she prayed people would see.

On the eve of her twentieth birthday, she met a handsome gentleman; Edmund. He was a werewolf. Instantly she was in love, his regal holding something that was spoke about. It was said that his splendour was rumoured all over the world. Everyone wanted to a chance with the Alpha. Amelia got a chance.

But their affair did not last long. After a month of blissful relations, Edmund called the liaison to an end. Because he had found his mate, so he no longer was in love with the kind hearted Amelia.

Every werewolf had one mate; their true soulmate. As soon as they laid eyes on their other half, they knew that it was meant to be. It was hard to not be around a mate all the time, mates were in separable. Amelia did not like that, she had been left heartbroken.

Furious with Edmund and his mate, she hatched a plan. She wanted Edmund to feel the betrayal that she had felt. She wanted his mate to love someone else; so that he too would be heartbroken.

She cursed his mate – Rebekah – and made her find another mate. And then another. The curse meant that Rebekah didn’t just have Edmund as a mate; but another two men as well. Being in love with three men, who were all made for her, drove her crazy as it did her mates.

She couldn’t chose one, nor could she love all three, and ended up committing suicide from her insanity. All three of her mates were besides themselves with grieve; Edmund the worst. He had been the cause of her death.

He confronted Amelia, angry and grieving. She was cold hearted towards him, and she realised one thing. No matter what, he would no longer love her. Her anger got worse and she blamed all the she-wolves for that.

So she began to curse again. She used the same curse on Rebekah’s entire pack – The Saxondale Pack – and all the she-wolves began to find multiple mates after their eighteenth birthdays. Multiple soulmates. That caused problems; fights broke out, people were killed and soulmates were left broken hearted.

Even after Amelia died, and all the original she-wolves died; the curse lived on. Every she-wolf born to The Saxondale Pack was cursed with more than one mate. The average number was three, but it had been rumoured for up to six. It was a curse to be mated to a Saxondale she-wolf, and it was a curse to be a Saxondale she-wolf.

But, as the pack grew accustomed to the curse; they found a way to deal with the chaos it caused. The she-wolf had to choose one of the mates to stay with, they were not allowed to keep all their mates. That was unfair on the males.

So the she-wolf had to choice out of her mates, and the others were then put into a rehabilitation program where they were introduced to single she-wolves of similar ages. The she-wolf meets their mates all within the first month after their eighteenth birthday.

The male mates of the she-wolves were never allowed to meet, the male mates were too likely to fight and kill the others; they saw them as competition. It was too dangerous. So each male who was mated to a Saxondale she-wolf was given an apartment; and they only allowed to meet their mates on certain days, any other time they had to stay in the apartment in case they saw their mate’s other mates.

After meeting all her mates, the Saxondale she-wolf had two months to make her decision. Which mate she would spend her life with, and which mates she would send away. The curse was something everyone dreaded.

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