Chapter Thirteen

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Chapter Thirteen

My red wig itches slightly, but I keep a poker face up. I sit at the bar, thick glasses on my face, as I pretend to read the paper and drink a bourbon. But really I am watching Iago. He came in three minutes and forty seconds ago.

The host, who I have slipped a fifty, shows Iago to his table. He sits down, and orders a whiskey – but there is not enough whiskey in the world to make his day any better once we are done with him. I want to ruin his life, and take away all his happiness and make sure he never has anymore happiness.

Just as I finish my first bourbon, as I need something to calm me, I see Dean walk in. My heart thumps in both nervousness and excitement. I am nervous, as if this goes wrong all of us will be going to jail, but if it goes right we will not only be rolling in money we'll also have no charges against us. We will be free from the police.

Dean is in disguise – thanks to Boyles and his resources. Dean's skin is still dark, but with extensive makeup it looks lighter; more like he is mixed rather than black. He has coloured contacts in, so that his dark eyes look a shade or so lighter – just enough to see that something is different.

Boyles is a genius at what he does; and he has made a fake nose for him, that is large and pointer than his normal nose. His eyebrows have been redrawn to be thick and lighter. His lips are fuller, and redder, and if I didn't know it was Dean I would have never had guessed.

Dean is wearing a full suit, and has a briefcase with him. He walks over to Dean, as the bartender refills my scotch. "Mr Treaker?" Dean asks – using a perfect British accent. I shiver, because I am not only turned on but also because I think of my beautiful Cher.

"Yes" Iago replies, not recognising Dean even slightly. Dean smiles and offers Iago his hand to shake. Dean is posing as the 'middle man', who will pretend to get his 10 grand cut for making sure the deal is clean and that the police turn the other way.

"My name is Charles Wade, and I'll be dealing with your exchange today. I assume Mr Finnegan will be with us shortly?" Dean smiles, as they shake hands, before taking a seat on the table with Iago. He gestures a waiter over, and orders a whiskey as well. The two men talk, as they wait for John to turn up.

My phone buzzes and I pick it up. 'Now' is all that it says, but I know it is from Steve. I throw a wad of dollars onto the bar, as I stand up and walk out the restaurant. Dean catches my eyes, for a millisecond, before looking back at Dean.

I am wearing a tight black dress, carrying a briefcase, and have my fake red curls cascading over my shoulders. I keep my back straight, as my heels click confidently on the ground. I walk to the entrance, and see John heading my way.

He is nervous, obviously from his mannerism. I meet him at the door, and he walks straight past me. I grab his arm, and he turns to me in shock. "John, calm it's me, Pamela" I say, I push my glasses down so he can see my eyes.

We are standing in the window, and I position myself with my back to the glass – so that Iago can't see me, but he can see John. I strain my hearing. "Oh, that's him" Iago says, as he sees his old partner.

"John listen to me" I say, focusing on the nervous man in front of us. "That man with my father is an undercover cop".

"What?" John squeaks, looking like he is about to pass out.

"There is a car that is coming around the corner now, it will take you anywhere you need to go. Inside, there is a bag with 50k inside. Take the bag, and leave the painting inside the car. The driver will get the painting somewhere safe, and will complete the deal this afternoon".

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