Chapter Six

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Chapter Six

When I wake up, my arms are wrapped around my beautiful mate. I smile, cuddling further into Cher’s body. I can feel Liam on the other side of me, his arm draped over me. So many mornings I woke up in strange bed, with strange men or women, and it would always be my priority to sneak out.

Yet, now, as I lay in the small crappy bed in Cher’s apartment, I can think of nothing but staying exactly where I am. Not being able to stop myself, I press a soft kiss on Cher’s neck. She stirs slightly, her grey eyes fluttering open. I smile adoringly at her.

Her platinum hair is sprayed lazily across the pillow; evidence of the movement she has endured over the night. Her pink lips pull into a shocked look, before realisation flashes through her eyes and she smiles back. She forget where she was for a second, then, she came back to me.

“Morning beautiful” I whisper, reaching up and pushing some loose strands behind her ear.

“Hi” she replies, looking almost bashful. She wets her lips with her tongue slightly, and it automatically draws my attention down. Not being able to help myself, I close the gap between us and peck her lips.

I try and pull away, but Cher draws her lips back to mine. I smile against her lips, glad her need for me is just as great as mine for her. I wrap my arms around her, pulling her closer as I deepen the kiss with my tongue. We kiss for a few minutes – our tongue swirling and teasing one another.

There is a big difference between Cher and I, and that is our confidence. Whereas I do what I want, when I want; but Cher is cautious and controlled. We balance each other out well, but right now I want her to be as reckless and spontaneous as me. But she won’t – so I take the lead.

Rolling onto my back, I pull Cher on top of me. She is shocked at first, but quickly smiles and continues to kiss me. Her slim frame lays on top of mine – her clothed body slotting together with my partially nude one.

Cher’s tongue slips into my mouth, exploring it, as my hands run down her body. I let my hands land on her rear – I hold it firmly in my palm. It is small and flat, but squeezing it gives me a firm handful. I massage softly, forcing our hips to bump together in a slow, rubbing, motion.

My beautiful mate lets out a throaty moan, as one of her hands cups my face – pressing into my cheek. I am lost in the bliss for a few seconds, forgetting who I am and where I am. I succumb to the desire, and love, I feel. It is glorious and I never want it to end.

“God, I am one lucky man” a fatigued voice sighs. Cher pulls away from me; much to my dismay and glances in Liam’s direction. I keep a hold of her, as we look at Liam. He offers us a bright smile – teeth dazzling and hair tousled from sleep.

“Lucky? You’re blessed” I smirk, offering him a grin. My hands are still cupping Cher’s butt, holding it tightly in my palms.

“Hell yeah I am” Liam laughs. He holds his arms out for us, and I let go of Cher so we can all cuddle. Cher climbs over Liam, and cuddles into Liam’s left side as I lean into his right. His arms are around us, holding us possessively. Cher and I join hands on top of Liam’s chest.

We stay like this for about half an hour, occasionally kissing or speaking a few words. However, we mostly just hold each other – enjoying the company of one another. I have never been like this before, simply just loving the silence of an embrace. Yet, I feel almost peaceful.

“Do you want breakfast?” Cher suddenly question.

“Depends” I smirk, “are you on the menu?” My words cause Liam to laugh, and Cher to blush.

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