Chapter Seven

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Chapter Seven

“Do you like it?” I ask, seeing Cher’s face of awe. I am showing her around the house I have just brought for us all. It is three floors, with its own twenty acres of land – I want to give us enough room to run in Wolf form.

“Like it?” Cher chokes out, “Leila I love it”. She squeals slightly, jumping up and down on the spot. Liam isn’t with us, he is starting a new job he lined up a week before. So it is just Cher and I viewing the new house.

I brought us all a house about five miles outside of Fairview. It is beautiful and modern, I made sure it was re-furnished. With the amount I give my estate agent a month, when I tell her I want a house within a day – I get.

Yesterday, when I got the call from Dean about Iago, I knew I needed to get my mates somewhere safe. So we spent yesterday packing up the house, and today I was shown the new house.

However, my estate agent was away because of ‘family emergency’ or something, so the houses previous owners were showing us around. They were more than happy to meet the person who was paying them an extra third of the asking price, to get them out ASAP.

“So which one of you is buying our house?” asks one of the previous owners. She is a middle aged woman, who is dressed smartly and conservative way. Her husband is a state judge – both of them are extremely Right Wing.

I find it funny that I am buying with my girlfriend and my boyfriend. I smile secretly to myself; they think that Cher is just a friend I have brought along with me. “I’m buying, but we’ll both be living here” I inform her.

“You’re roommates?” the Judge questions.

“No” I reply, looking right into his eyes. “She is my girlfriend, we’re in a sexual relationship. We’ll also be living with our boyfriend, who both of us are in a sexual relationship with”. There was a heavy moment, as the couple both pale. I smile brightly, as Cher blushes slightly as she tries to control her giggle. “So, can we see the bedroom?”

When the couple leaves, when evening rolls around, we all move into the house. The only thing I change in the house is the bed – I buy the biggest one I can find, and get it delivered and put up in our bedroom.

When Liam returns from work, he is also impressed by the house. Neither of them have come from rich family; so this is all very new to them. They explore the house, laughing and giggling like small children. I smile, as I sit at the kitchen island and let them have their fun.

I call another of my old gang members as I wait. I get voicemail – which worries me greatly. I leave a message. “Al, it’s me, Leila. I’m guessing Dean told you about Iago. If not, we found the spineless bastard. I’m heading back to the Old Pad tomorrow. Please, come if you can. I miss you”. I hang up.

I find Liam and Cher checking out the bathroom, and I chuckle softly as I see Cher running her hands over the bath’s massage jets. They both turn to me, smiling brightly. “This place is amazing, Doll” Liam smiles.

“I think we should try the Hot Tub out, don’t you?” I cock an eyebrow.

“I most defiantly do” Liam nods, grinning brightly. I step up to them, and Liam wraps his arm around my waist. I lean into him as I take a handful of Cher’s shirt and pull her towards us. She giggles, as she crashes into us.

“Just think how disgusted the previous owners would be if they knew we were about to go naked in their Hot Tub?” I question.

“We’re going naked?” Cher asks, and I chuckle slightly.

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