chapter 1

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Anastasia's POV:

Picking at my nails quietly, I listen as Mr. Davis explains the new partnership we were making with a huge company.

"Now, I know that this past year hasn't been the best for us. However, if we pull together as a team and present the projects with ease, just how we planned, then Styles Enterprise will accept our offer," Mr. Davis concludes as we nod our heads in approval.

"Miss. Carter, I need for you and Miss. Cruz to present the project to Mr. Styles and his executives tomorrow at noon sharp, but please show up earlier so that we give a good impression." I look up and frown slightly.

"Why can't Miss Cruz do the presentation on her own?" I ask.
Layla, or Miss. Cruz nods enthusiastically at my idea.

Of course she would want to present everything on her own. She was a whóre and Mr. Styles is a total "hunk" or so I hear. I've never taken an interest in reading the articles on his young success.

"Because, you two will be the ones working with the company if we get the spot." Mr. Davis states.

I shrug my shoulders and turn to Layla, giving her a sympathetic smile.
She smiles back and Mr. Davis calls the meeting over. Picking up my bag and paperwork I begin walking out the door.

"So do you want dibs on Mr. Styles or his executive friends?" Layla asks, while walking with me.

"None," I simply state, "You can have your pick. I'm not interested in any of them."

Her mouth hangs agape as the words come out of my mouth.

"But Ana! You need a man. And what is better than a super rich executive guy." She says.

"There are only two men I need in my life Layla. Ben and Jerry." I state matter-of-factly.

She laughs at my lame attempt of a joke and turns to me as we entered the elevator.

"Ana we have been best friends for like, ever! And you have had like what, 2 boyfriends?"

I roll my eyes at her attempt. Yes, I called her a whòre. But she is my best friend and I love her to death. Sometimes she even calls herself a whōre, so it's okay.

"I'll try to find a man Layla. But not Mr. Styles or any of his dumb ass executives."

"Okay yay!" She squeals with excitement and walks towards her car. "See ya tomorrow, beotch."

"Bye girly!" I holler back as I unlock my car.


Waking up at 5:30 every week day morning sucks.

Groaning, I turn off my alarm and get out of my extra comfy bed. I walk into my bathroom and start the shower. Lazily, I throw a towl next to the floor and strip out of my shorts and tank top. I let the steamy water relax my achy muscles as I grab the shampoo bottle and begin massaging the vanilla scented goo into my hair. After rinsing it out, I put in my conditioner and shave my legs. Shaving my legs take forever but because today I am supposed to impress a huge company, I guess I should get rid of my gorilla like legs. I rinse everything off and turn the water off. Grabbing my big fluffy towl, I wrap it around my body and step out.

After drying my hair, flat ironing it, and applying makeup, I walk into my closet and pull out a simple black skirt and white button-up shirt. Putting on my clothes, I tug on a long grey coat that goes down to my knees. You know, those New York looking ones?

I shove half a bagel down my throat, while filling up my coffee and shoving my feet into the only pair of heels I own.

My mornings normally consist of loud noises. Not the ones I ache for of course, but you know, the ones like cabinets being slammed, and shit falling over.

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