Chapter 17 (Short)

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       Slender Man's POV

    I feel something... special... inside (Name). I don't know exactly what it is... but it's definitely something. I noticed when BEN and (Name) are near each other, BEN acts different. And I'm not sure why.

  What is so special about her, that wasn't with the others?

  I can probably have Toby, Masky, and Hoodie check up on her to make sure she's settling in ok.

  'Should she stay? If so, will the others accept her? Or hurt her for that matter?'

  This thought has been on my mind ever since she stepped foot into my mansion.

  But... what's really bothering me.... is Jeff. I know he's still upset from... the incident... that happened with Liu, but he's been going out more, he's being more aggressive, and he's more insane. Even though he already is, but it's on a higher level. I don't know what it is... but it's worrying me.

I feel (Name) senses it too. Her heart says one thing, but her thoughts say another. I've been reading her thoughts ever since she came here. And it looks like she's worried about him, too.

  But at the moment, I need to talk to (Name) about why she's here. She may be surprised on what coming to her, and possibly to the others as well.

  What am I planning?

  Well... what I'm planning to do is making her one of us.

   A Creepypasta.

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