Puzzle Pieces Part 5

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(Tom Felton as Keith Tesse)

I locked myself in my bedroom all night. Hands over my knees, I began sobbing. Maybe I could apologise to Heather? I again shocked myself by thinking the wrong things. I felt my phone vibrate on the bedside table. The screen said Lola. What?! The vibrating gradually became a fast tracked yodelling song. What?!?!?!  My phone didn't have a yodelling song as a ringtone. Wait. There must have been some mistake. I reached out and snatched the phone as my eyes grew wide. It was Jayden's phone! Since we both had iPhones with no cover, it was so hard to tell. My mind went back to school. I remember we were sitting together in silence at lunch, and since Jayden saw I didn't have anything better to do other than angrily nibble my sandwich, he took out his phone and started chatting to Lola online. Feeling the temper, I took mine out too and pretended I did have something better to do than to talk to him. Then Mr. Ekoj came and told us mobile phones should be switched off at school. That kind of booming voice always startles the new kid, so of course Jayden had to drop his, which caused me to drop mine, and we both picked our phones without looking at the ground. Damn it! Now what? For a second, I thought of sending nasty texts to Lola, breaking up with her. So tempting. But then, I slapped myself for being so spiteful. Then suddenly, a bright idea hit me. I went to the gallery. Pictures of a girl and Jayden popped up. It had to be Lola. I zoomed in on her features. Only one thought flowed into my mind. She was pretty. Her big blue eyes and high cheekbones were outstanding. Seeing the next picture, Jayden and Lola kissing, was much harder to take in than I expected. Keith opened the door, seeing my tear stained eyes and worst of all, the picture of Jayden and Lola.

"What the heck?! Who is that?" He snatched the phone off before I could hide it. I started sobbing all over again, feeling nauseated. He must have known, because the next thing I knew was he knelt down beside me and said:

"Hey, tell this guy that if he ever breaks your heart, I'll punch the juice outta him," Keith grabbed my arm tightly.

"Thanks, but he's not exactly my boyfriend, or even as close as ex-boyfriend," I sulked.

"Well, I would have responsibility. I'm not older than you by 3 years for nothing," Keith smiled sympathetically. I said a polite thankyou and ushered him out the door, before reminding him not to tell mom. I looked at the phone, where the contacts were. I scrolled down casually as my name appeared. Tesse, Kayla. He had my number?! Maybe if... AND MY ADDRESS?! What is he, some stalker? But then, I remembered I stalked him down on facebook and has his address on my phone too. God, what if he sees it?! This is utterly embarrassing.

The next morning, I found Jayden, sitting usually at the back corner, staring out into the green grass. Can a guy look even hotter in the side view? I took a seat next to him, and he turned around.

"Oh yeah, your phone," Jayden reached into his pocket and smiled ruefully. We swapped phones, and I remembered. I left the picture of them kissing right there gobsmack on the screen! It was too late. Jayden saw it and his eyes widened. I covered my face, not caring about my pride anymore. I looked at my phone, and there was the picture of me smiling into the camera with makeup, a formal dress, and permed hair. He looked around casually, avoiding me eye. Ha. I guess we're even.

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