Puzzle Pieces part 4

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(Amanda Bynes as Lola Matthews)

"KAYLA! GET DOWNSTAIRS.NOW," Mom yelled furiously from the kitchen.

I half remember her in my dreams telling me to wake up, but I was too engrossed in Jayden's face while I was sleeping. My eyes popped open and for the first time, my body willingly agreed with my mind. I thought of dragging my lazy butt downstairs. Obediently, my legs started to break into a jog down the stairs. I plopped into my chair and stuffed my face with pancakes and maple syrup. Yuck. I normally refuse to eat the disgusting syrup, because it tastes like my vomit ever since I threw up when I was four. Mom and my brother, Keith stared at me.

"How the fu-"mom cut Keith short as she gave a quick lecture of using the correct language inside our home. Feeling ecstatic that I was going to see Jayden again, wether girlfriend or not, I was in a great mood.

"I like maple syrup now. You know, Keith, people can change. Just like what people like you should do," I smiled ruefully but jokingly.

"Get your sorry arse in the car before I tell you to sod off," Keith grunted. Getting the hint that Keith was seriously going to explode, I snatched my bag and made a face before blocking my ears in a childish manner and shouting 'I CAN'T HEAR YOU!' just when I could make out some seriously rude words and mom scolding him again and slapping him on the head. I smiled to myself for having such a nice family.

The bell rang for lunch, and I hurriedly thought of getting the heck outta here before Heather and her clones come barging at me again. Hailee was away for 2 days already. That was more disappointing than when I didn't recieve the newest collection of barbie dolls when I was four. So to kill some time, we talked on the phone about Heather. And Jayden. Heather Dirmetoy was the smartest person I know, so naturally she knew that I liked Jayden. 'You know...you and Jayden...?' was the first thing she said. But she had to go, because not only she was the smartest girl I know, but she has the world's strictest parents. I thought of not sitting at the cafeteria, where Heather sits. Maybe a little bit of sunshine will hush Heather indoors. I can just imagine her-'My god, I'm going to get over-tanned!' Ha. I unpacked my bento box as I saw a shadow looming over me.

"Hey Kayla," Jayden's voice boomed over my head. I kind of knew it was him, but I pretended to be surprised, anyway. I scooped over for him to sit down, and soon enough we started talking about life. And somehow, we kinda went into the topic of Lola.

"She's a really beautiful, smart and nice girl, but I never tell her that," Jayden bowed his head. At that moment, I seriously envied her, but decided not to say anything. He must have felt the cold atmosphere then, because he quickly changed the subject to acting again.

"...So, are you free this weekend? Maybe we could hang out and watch a horror-" Again, Heather interrupted. She scolded me for always ditching her. Angry, I shouted back.

"So what? You think you're my mom?! Get the heck outta here before I kick your arse," I yelled. Heather seemed so shocked she stood there, mouth gaping like a goldfish.

"But-I'm your friend, I've always been!" Heather's voice fake-trembled.

"You've never been. If I hadn't been famous, you wouldn't even take one look at me, or if you did, you'd call me a 'fashion victim', so sod off before I tell everyone you're not a natural blonde, because I know you've been dying it," I stomped off, forgetting about Jayden for a while.

The next morning, I dreaded going to school. I rejected my maple syrup, and Keith said it was better that way, and he'd have it all to himself. I didn't even have the strength to argue back, and trudged off to school. Right there on the school gates, I saw something that made my blood freeze. My face on the poster, and on the bottom: "Kayla Tesse-Definitely a fall-out fashion victim-scum, tosser and a bit**! Slam book says it all!" Tears sprung into my eyes immediately. No Kayla, why are you so damn weak? You let some nasty, fake comments about yourself get to you?! The more I thought of that, the more I cried. I felt a hand on my shoulder.

"Are you okay?" Jayden's worried face made me have an absolute breakdown.

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