Puzzle Pieces Part 2

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(Alex Pettyfer as Jayden Wells)

We got to the hospital in 15 minutes. Jessica rushed to Poppy's room ahead of me, and my little heels on my flats flipped, which caused me to fly and fall right on my face. Slowly and quietly getting up, not wanting to attract any attention, I looked at my burning hands. My knees felt like it was on fire. Why does god hate me so much?? Not having any time to worry about the pain, I quickly limped to the door. Jessica came out in a flurry.

"Sorry, but you can't come in yet," her arms were outstretched over the door in a protective manner. Her lips formed into a smirk. A SMIRK.

"Poppy's in trouble! Why are you smiling like that!?" My temper began to flare as I bludged her fingers one by one.

"Just wait 1 more minu-"Jessica's words were cut off as the door opened.

"Oh my heavenly designer coats, where have you BEEN? Are you sure you weren't avoiding me?" Poppy 'popped' from the door. For the first time in months, I actually got to see her healthy and vibrant body. Her shiny wavy hair dangled from her smooth complexion, her tanned legs and skinny but slim body stood out. It took me a minute to realise Jessica has pulled a prank on me. Again. I should have known. Forgetting to be mad at Jess for 5 seconds, I rushed up to give Poppy a hug.

Fortunately enough, Poppy's condition was good enough to be let out of the hospital. She's coming back! She hasn't seen our huge home for just over a year now, and I gave her a grand tour, ordered Chinese takeaway (Poppy's favourite), made her bed, organised her uniform, and challenging her in WII before mum could nag me about letting Poppy get some rest before she faints again. Whenever mom says that, I get all freaked out so I put Poppy in bed immediately. I trudged back to my room and started organising my books. I shuddered as I thought about the girls in our school asking me to sit with them at lunch. I plopped on my bed and wrapped myself in dreams.

Mondays and PE don't mix. Especially when Maths is right after. At least I scored a point for the winning team...our rival. And being a 'normal' girl-( and when I emphasize normal, I mean not a girl that has been in multiple tv shows, numerous movies, went on Oprah and Ellen, co-starred along Jesse McCartney in Death Wish), I fail and loathe mathematics no matter how popular and rich I am. I slammed my books on the table as the bell rang piercingly in my ears. Groans filled the classroom... A guy. A glided across the room and sat down. I looked up and there he was. Green eyes, tall, and best of all, none of the Justin Bieber factor most of the boys in our class tried to copy. Golden light circled and danced around him like little fairies. Wow. It wasn't just the clothes. He was across the room, but I saw his eyes so clearly. They looked like a pair of emerald diamonds sewn to his sockets. I drew in to get a close look as my hands reached out........

(Btw if you read part one, you could understand more so if you havent, i advise you to. Please comment and vote! ;)

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