Puzzle Pieces Part 6

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Sam's party was today. I guess there's no point in going if Jayden's not there. But then again, Poppy forced me to, saying that I needed some friends. Well, thanks for pointing out I'm a social outcast-in a scary, popular way. But, I couldn't find any party clothes, you'd be surprised-after all, I am a movie star. My head popped up in Poppy's room.

"Hey, dude, do you have any decent clothes for Sam's party tonight?" I said in a monotone.

"Dude, don't call me dude. And I don't know. Go buy it at Abercrombie and Fitch. I heard they have this massive sports clothes sale," Poppy said without looking up from her computer screen, doing her science homework crazily. Some nerd.

"Thanks, tell me if I need new swimmers for the MIA awards," I added sarcastically. I was about to leave her room when she got up from her chair, eyes still glued to the screen.

"I think I might have one," her head finally diverting to her closet. She carefully revealed a strapless white, layered dress. My eyes darted back and forth guiltily.

"Are you sure I can wear that?" I squeaked.

"I didn't say you could wear it, but yeah. It kinda brings out your blue eyes," Poppy's muffled voice flew from the wardrobe. My eyes weren't pale blue. It was a bright aquamarine colour. Poppy would get me to buy bright blue mascara to match it, but I think it's a little crazy.  She held out a pair of silver strappy sandals, with diamantes.

"Although it's not expensive, it certainly is better-who says just because its designer, it's pretty?"Poppy smiled. Who knew she could be so nice? Poppy lent me her hair curler and we were locked in the bathroom for hours, since Poppy still couldn't curl it properly.

We got to Sam's house within 15 minutes. Sam's parents were totally rich, probably as rich as I am. It was rumoured that they work for the mafia, but it's hard to believe that especially when his last name was Ronell. Poppy was wearing a turquoise wrap-around dress, with a matching clutch. We didn't want to attract attention by hiring a big fat limo, so we just took a taxi.

I always had to make the entrance. Words were if Kayla Tesse came to Sam's party, everyone else in the whole world would come too. I personally prefer if I was a social reject in a bad way. It's that bad. So I opened the taxi door, and it was like a flash mob-only they weren't dancing. An usher of silence followed the taxi door slam. Then like zombies, they all rushed to talk to me. Poppy shrugged and walked away. Girls complimented on my dress and how she's been a fan since I was back in print ads, while guys just looked me up. I pretended to be really interested in my phone, texting nonsense to nobody. When I finally reached inside, I greeted Sam and asked where the bathroom was. I felt it was the best place to be in those kinds of situations. At least I get some privacy. I heaved a sigh of relief. I stayed in there, looking in the cupboards. Someone knocked on the door.

"Sorry, I'm done," I sighed. I got my purse and opened the door, awaiting another fan. I looked up and there was Jayden. I was so surprised that if you told me men didn't exist, I wouldn't care. Right next to him, though, was Lola.

"Oh my god, isn't this Kayla Tesse? Jayden, you've been mentioning about her nonstop lately," Lola gushed. He was? I laughed politely and went on with the introducing speech I've been saying for years.

"Gee, I think that was Holly Dote, I better talk to her. I'll catch you later," Lola smiled at Jayden.

"Nice party, huh?" Jayden broke the silence.

"Yeah, the food is pretty nice," I nodded in agreement. We walked to the stairs, were there wasn't so many people.

"Lola is a nice girl," I broke the silence this time.

"Yeah. She can get seriously jealous sometimes. She thinks I like you. Funny huh?" Jayden laughed. So he just admitted he didn't like me. In a less subtle way.

"But then again, who wouldn't?" whoa. I've never ever had this feeling before. Flutterbies in my stomach. That's what Poppy would say when she met a guy she liked. I realised we were extremely close to each other, and the crowd just made it worse. Suddenly, a drunken guy came hurling at me with an empty beer bottle. The next thing happened so quick, Harry and Dumbledore couldn't even apparate faster than this. Jayden took me in his arms, swerving to the left and he fell on the floor, cushioning my fall. But then the most wonderful thing happened. We kissed.

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