Puzzle Pieces Part 1

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(Sara Paxton as Kayla Tesse)

A guy. A guy glided across the room and sat down. I looked up and there he was. Green eyes, tall, and best of all, none of the Justin Bieber factor the guys in our class always tried to copy. Golden light circled and danced around him like little fairies. Wow. It wasn't just the clothes. He was across the room, but I saw his eyes so clearly. They looked like a pair of emerald diamonds sewn to his sockets. I drew in to get a close look as my hands reached out........

The deafening sound of the alarm shook all the dreamy moods away from me. Suddenly feeling hugely dizzy again, I plopped back down on my bed. My vibrating phone grabbed my attention and I reached out for it. It was my agent, Jessica.



The first thing I thought about was Poppy, my sister. She's been in hopsital for a while now due to a brain tumor. But then, I figured it couldn't be, since Jessica would have told mom and because Poppy has been recovering since then. Even the doctor said she might be leaving the hospital soon. Feeling carefree, I pounced up from my poster bed and made a beeline for the wardrobe. I took out the first thing I felt, and fortunately, it was David Jones's Collette Dinnigan Ramie lace cut out three-quarter sleeve dress in black. I saw one of the ads with Miranda Kerr modelling. Simple but beautiful. I slipped it on with black see through stockings and a pair of flats before briskly brushing my teeth and hair. I snatched up my phone and quickly ran down the stairs.

"At least stay for breakfast, honey. You've been losing weight since your second season of filming. No matter how exhausted you are, you still have to eat," My mom said.

I loved eating, for sure, but Jessica said it was urgent. I had a gnawing feeling of worry and apologised to mum, assuring her I will get something at the cafe.

Arriving at Brigdett's cafe, I dumped my things on the seat next to me as Jessica spoke in a rush.

"Slow down, woman. What is it?" I said in the most soothing voice I could muster.

"It's Poppy." Jessica's voice echoed through my head as I felt a flood of concern over my beautiful sister.

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