Chapter 4

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(Name)'s POV

  'Ok... what was that? I heard two thumps within the last twenty seconds' I panicked a little.

  I went to go grab my phone off the charger and it showed that it's at 100%.

  'Cool, I have enough charge. It was at 15% when I came home from a walk through my neighborhood'

  After I grabbed my phone, I went on YouTube and put on Mama by My Chemical Romance. I put it on a decent level of volume, then I got up and walked to my door and went to go search to see what made the mysterious noises coming from my living room.


  'Mama, we're all full of lies,
Mama, we're meant for the flies....'

  My music was "blasting", but not to the point where my phone was vibrating to the beat of the song. I went into the living room and found that the couch... was moved into a different position.

"What the hell...." I said to myself in confusion. I decided to shake this "feeling" off and moved the couch back into its' original position. Then I made my way to search the rest of the room.

  I stopped again when I found that one of my shoes were out in the middle of the walkway leading towards the kitchen.

  "Ok, now I'm officially freaked out now. What the hell is going on?!" I yelled, but whispered.

  I decided to just keep my shoe where I found it and went to go check to see if all the doors were locked.

  I went to my front door first, and saw that it was locked. Then I went to my garage door and saw that it was also locked and secure. Lastly, I went to the back door that lead to the backyard, and saw that it was also locked.

  'Ok.... maaaaayyyybeee I'm just being paranoid' I thought.

  My music was still playing, but the song transitioned to Another Way Out by Hollywood Undead. And this calmed me down when I'm scared or sad. Music is mostly my cure.

  I walked back to my room and my eyes widened at the sight before me. My TV was in static.

  "Ok, now I know that I'm not paranoid!" I pointed to myself.

   I picked up my remote and tried to turn it off, but to no avail, it wouldn't turn off! And then I saw that my clothes on the hanger, were on the floor because I was lazy to pick them up before.

   I went to go pick them up when I turn around and see that two people came out of my... TV?!

  My eyes widened in fear and in surprise.

   I saw that one of them has a white hoodie with blood stains and raven black hair. And the other one has yellow; blonde hair, a green tunic, and a green hat.

   They both turn to look at me and my eyes widened even more as well as biting my quivering lip in fear.

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